Where Did Hanna's 'PLL' Scholarship Come From?

Is there anything Charles and the DiLaurentis family hasn't had their hands on? Pretty Little Liars Season 5 revealed that Hanna was a secret genius — in probably one of the series' best moves to date — then ripped our hearts out when her father refused to help her pay for college and, after that, it seemed like her dreams might be crushed. But, on Tuesday night's new episode, the Carissimi Group gave Hanna a scholarship that was seemingly game-changing for her future. Sounds amazing, right? There's got to be a catch here and that catch is the DiLaurentis family and the fact that we've seen this company's name before. So, what is the Carissimi Group on Pretty Little Liars and why is it ringing a bell?

Well, the first thing that should raise a major red flag is the fact that Ashley mentioned how Jessica DiLaurentis donated money to the group (so, as usual Hanna's intuition is always right) — which would explain why Jason knows about it. Now, I'm willing to believe that Jason is totally ignorant to this Charles situation, but this is kind of a little much. The last time we saw the Carissimi Group's name was when Radley was sold during the first few episodes of Season 6. The company bought the sanitarium and starting destroying all of the files within right after the Liars escaped the dollhouse — that can't be a coincidence. Because there are no coincidences in Rosewood.

So, like Hanna mentioned to her mother towards the end of Tuesday's episode, something isn't right with this money. And, honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if the Carissimi Group is the way Charles has been getting all of this money for the past five seasons. If Jessica was funneling cash into this group, it's possible that she was doing it to create a fund for Charles. I mean, she knew he was alive, she kept his secret, and she obviously had to put enough money together to take care of him, right? And it wouldn't necessarily surprise me if Charles sent that check to give Ashley and Hanna one last bit of hope for the future before he pulls the rug out from under them again. It wouldn't be the first time A came down hard on the Marins and, honestly, whenever the DiLaurentis name is involved — especially when it's referring to Jessica — things are always far murkier than they seem.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family