Why Is Radley Closed On 'Pretty Little Liars'? The Sanitarium Was Purchased & Shut Down While You Weren't Looking

Radley Sanitarium, we hardly knew you — seriously. Pretty Little Liars fans don't know much about Rosewood's mysterious mental hospital, even though so many mysteries lead the Liars right to it. Now, it's at the center of its own mystery, as the Season 6 premiere of Pretty Little Liars revealed that Radley is closed, and we don't know why. A quick news banner shows that someone had bought and then shut down the hospital, but both the who and the why are unclear.

Did it have something to do with the Liars? Did Radley's shady cover-ups finally catch up with it? Or is it something else that's yet to unfurl on Pretty Little Liars? We're officially in the throes of the #SummerofAnswers, so we're going to need some information about Radley before Season 6 is over. So far, the only mention of Radley this season came from that brief mention in "Game On Charles." Even then, it wasn't an actual discussion, but rather a news-ticker scrolling across the bottom of a television being played in the background.

However, the summary for this week's episode, "Don't Look Now," promises to put Radley back in the spotlight, as it reads, "Kenneth reveals info about his family's link to Charles and shares a clue about Charles' past, which leads the girls to Radley Sanitarium." Of course, we now know that Kenneth will lead them to a shut-down facility, so let's try to figure out what exactly lead to Radley's closing.

The Liars

At this point, everything somehow connects to the Liars. Even though they were in the Dollhouse when Radley was shut down, I think they might soon learn that somehow, it was closed because of them.

Mrs. DiLaurentis' Death

For reasons still unknown, Mrs. DiLaurentis was on the board of trustees at Radley. Her involvement and interest in Radley was never really specified, beyond her mysterious relationship with Bethany Young, and now we may never know the truth. But maybe after Mrs. D was killed, it was too much of a scandal for Radley to handle. Rather than try to weed through the aftermath of her murder and what exactly it meant for the board, they might have just shut it down and sold the building.

The Police Finally Looked Into It

Radley never seemed to be providing the best care for its patients, and it consistently covered things up, from break-outs to break-ins to what exactly happened the night Toby's mother died. The Rosewood PD has never shown much interest in figuring out what was going on there, but maybe they finally caught on to the corruption and shut the whole place down.

Something Else Happened While The Liars Were Gone

The ninth episode of Season 6 is titled "Back to Radley," so it's quite possible that something else horrible happened there, causing it to be closed. It may have happened while the Liars were in the dollhouse, but it could still be connected to them — or Charles — leading the girls to go investigate.

Wren Is Coming Back

We haven't seen Wren in what feels like 45 seasons. He used to be a doctor at Radley, but was he really? I still have a lot of Wren questions, and he might somehow be part of the reason Radley is now closed — or even the person who bought it. He could hold information that none of us ever saw coming.

Budget Cuts

Maybe the answer is the simplest one in PLL history, something like, "well, the town voted and Rosewood is getting new park benches instead of keeping the hospital open." After all, Season 6 only has time for so many mysteries.

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