Cameron & Kirsten Get Closer On 'Stitchers' When He Reveals How He Got His Scar

Things are starting to get tense in the love department on Stitchers. On Tuesday night's episode, Cameron finds out about Liam's proposal despite Kirsten trying to keep it a secret from everyone except Camille, and he wasn't looking all that pleased for his friend. Clearly these two have feelings for one another, even if Kirsten hasn't totally admitted her feelings to herself. But when the Stitchers lab is on lock down after a virus leaks and pretty much everyone is infected, the hopefully soon-to-be couple bond even more after Cameron tells her about the scar on his chest. Scenes like this just prove once again that Cameron and Kirsten are perfect for one another.

Honestly when are these two going to get it already? After Cameron tells his story about his scar and how it has affected his life, Kirsten has the perfect response to him and the idea of Liam is clearly on the back burner for them both. But what I can't understand is why Cameron was so determined to get Kirsten to call Liam to say goodbye to him in case they all died in the lab. Why does he want her to have one last connection with his direct competition?

After slowly but surely feelings the effects of the virus released through the stitch patient, Maggie asked her staff to say goodbyes to their family and loved ones just in case things didn't work out for them. Cameron, Maggie and Linus all immediately made their calls, which led to some emotional and heartbreaking moments, mostly thanks to Linus' tear-worthy video-chat session with his parents. But Kirsten buckles down harder to keep searching for a cure to the virus. Cameron continuously asks her why she won't call Liam to say goodbye, and Kirsten tells him quite fiercely that she isn't going to die in the lab, she won't allow it to happen.

Hearing this comment time and time again, Cameron finally snaps a bit and makes it clear to her that they might die, it's a distinct possibility. He tells her that the scar he has on his chest came from heart surgery that he received when he was 10-years-old. His parents were so grateful for his recovery, as the chances of survival were limited, but they made it very clear to Cameron that exerting himself could make him weak, could lead to trouble. So the scar in Cameron's mind is a constant reminder that life is fleeting and that his parents were worried about his strength. Kirsten then responds that Cameron has proven his strength and courage many times over and the look they share is beautiful. Ugh, you guys can we get rid of Liam already?

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