The Best GIFs From The 'Chuck' Finale

Series finales are a tricky business, especially for shows with as much heart and soul as Chuck . After five years of missions, hijinks, and 'shipping, the spy comedy came to an end with the episode "Chuck Versus The Goodbye." I've yet to come to terms with the cruel fate that befalls Sarah and how that affects her husband and her friends, but I can't deny that it made for beautiful and heartbreaking television.

I called Chuck a comedy just now, but really, it's a blend of genres. Yes, it's funny. But with all the twists and turns of the intersect mission, it's occasionally a thriller. Chuck and Sarah's story is definitely a romance. And nailing a final chapter like this one proves that it always had dramatic weight too.

It's a divisive one though. Some fans felt betrayed by the finale, which seemed awfully dark for a show that has such a core optimism. But I disagree. That ending was all about hope. Because even if Chuck and Sarah aren't sure that her memories will come back, they're both sure that they're going to stand by each other. I'm making myself cry and it's embarrassing, so on to the good stuff. These are the best GIFs from the Chuck series finale.

1. When Chuck Took Down A Helicopter With A "Warning Shot"

A Bartowski "oops" for the road.

2. When Chuck And Sarah Had One Last Dance

Never enough sexy undercover spy dancing for these two.

3. When Casey Showed His Softer Side

I'm not saying that Chuck and Casey's friendship was the real emotional center of the show, but maybe I am saying that.

4. And General Beckman Did Too

Underneath her all-business demeanor, General Beckman loved her unruly group of trouble-making spies.

5. When Chuck Finally Realized That Any Super Spy Would Be Lucky To Have Him

Your fans have been saying this for five years, Bartowski!

6. When Sarah Slipped Into Her Old Life For A Second, And Suddenly There Was Hope

If she still remembers where things belong behind the Wienerlicious counter, who knows what else she might remember eventually.

7. When Jeffster's Music Saved The World

*waving lighter* JEFFSTER, YOU ROCK MY WORLD.

8. When Chuck And Ellie's Mom Was A Total Boss

And that baby's bound to grow up to be an agent anyway, Devon. Nice try.

9. When Morgan Advocated The Disney Solution To Sarah's Memory Lapse

"One magic kiss" is my kind of strategy.

10. When Sarah Wanted To Hear The World's Greatest Love Story

And I saw the entire series flash before my eyes.

11. And When It All Faded To Black

Did it work? Did it work?!

I'm still waiting on that possible movie sequel. But for now, this Chuck ending will do just fine.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; chuckvsthegifs (2), very-ood, mychuckbartowski (2), nitratesdayrates (4), zacharylevissmile