12 Stella McCartney Fall 2015 Lingerie Looks, From Earthy Colors In Sexy Cuts To Hot Pink Prints Mixed With Lace

Sometimes, a really cute or crazy sexy pair of undies can inspire you to get undressed, or make you want to lounge around the house in them all day. Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2015 lingerie collection offers both kinds of lust-worthy panties and bras. The pieces are sexy, somewhat sporty, and insanely stylish. That's a fashion trifecta right there.

The offerings in this intimates range, which look super comfy, take their inspo from the designer's ready-to-wear collection with the prints, colors, and shapes.

The intimates are a study in contrasts and that's super obvious. Lace is paired with jersey material, resulting in a sexy tomboy presentation. In other cases, earthy colors are mixed with sheer panels.

Stella's bras and undies aren't as overtly sexy as, say, anything you can find at your local Victoria's Secret outpost. Instead, they're a little softer and more edited than that. They are oh-so-Stella. That said, there are black, lacy things, a pistachio green set, cotton offerings, and more.

In this 45 second video, about a dozen or so looks are presented and there's something for any personal style. If you happen to shop this collection, you will find something that you feel was designed just for you and your lady parts.

Here are 12 high fashion looks from the video.

1. It's Easy Being Green

Yes, I am aware that there is some subtle nipple action there. Duh — it's a lacy bra. But it's so elegant, especially for ladies with smaller cups.

2. Bottoms Up

That little bow detail is adorbs.

Here's how the top and bottom look when paired. It's a one-two punch when you get the full visual.

3. Rawr!

You can never go wrong with leopard print panties.

4. Royals

This solid cup, lace-sided bra in regal purple is so stylish and sweet. It also looks breathable.

5. Cami!

This cami makes sleepwear stylish with its peek-a-boo fabric.

6. Not Really Nude

This uncomplicated blush set is quietly scorching because it's practically nude.

7. Pink Print + PJs

The pink print PJs get a boost from the embellished, matching bra. And you thought Hugh Hefner or Rihanna were the only ones who could pull off high fashion pajamas. Pft.

8. LBT

A lacy black teddy... perfect for sexy time with your significant other.

9. Shades Of Gray

This black and gray pair is at once sporty and sultry. It pledges zero allegiance to any personal style since it encompasses several at once by mixing materials.

The cozy closeup demonstrates how comfy this bra appears.

10. Va Va Va Voom

This is a honeymoon night ensemble if there ever was one, thanks to the sheer panties, which show butt cleavage, and the garter belts. Hawt.

11. Lady In Red

Move over, black! A red bra is beyond steamy and scintillating.

12. Garden Variety

This pink, floral, and leafy print bra is so earthy. See what I mean about there being something for everybody with this collection?

It's hard to pick a favorite.

Watch the video below to get your fix of Stella undies.

Stella McCartney on YouTube

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