If Everyone In 'Jurassic Park' Had Claire's Heels

by Kat George

It speaks volumes when the most unbelievable thing in a movie isn't a theme park with real life dinosaurs in it, but that the main female character is traipsing about in the wild wearing high heels. Audiences' main problem with Jurassic World wasn't so much that it was a terrible movie, but more so that Bryce Dallas Howard's character was so overly and ridiculously sexualized they had her running away from dinosaurs in high heels. This hilarious video perfectly parodies #HighHeelGate by putting everyone, even dinosaurs, in a Jurassic Park with high heels.

We all know that the heels would never have been forced on Laura Dern's character in the original film, which means we might be going backwards in our depictions of women. The absolute inanity of this parody highlights exactly how absurd of a choice it was to have Dallas Howard in heels in the latest installment of the franchise. My personal favorite part of the video is the sound of the heels clicking as they hit the ground. It's silly and perfect. And seeing iconic scenes like the T-rex foot coming down in a giant heel is just really something else too. The moral of the story is, next time there's a movie set in the jungle, lets have the female protagonist wearing some more practical footwear, please.

Watch the absurdity below:

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Images: YouTube