5 Ways Baby Clothes Are Better Than Adult Clothes, Because Us Grownups Want Pockets In Our Dresses Too

Unfortunately for me, during my five years of working in retail, I worked on kids wear departments for four of the years (unfortunate because I am not exactly fan of children). However, it did Whilst working with children's clothes in these different stores, I realized that the practicality of kids clothes is way higher than the outfits I wore every day. Of course, considering kids have nothing to do all day except have fun and at the time it felt like I had everything to do all day except have fun, I was pissed off. These kids were getting all these amazing clothing benefits and not even appreciating them!

Even though babies and children are getting more and more fashionable (with lines like Kardashian Kids being best sellers) practicality is still the key role of their clothes. Too many times have I heard that "fashion is pain dear" and too many times have I repeated the mantra to myself through gritted teeth as I hobble about in impossible heels. If it's so easy to make children's clothes that are stylish and sturdy, why can't we just take it to a larger scale for our clothes? There's more than a few cues that women's clothes should take from kids clothes.

1. Durability

Alright, maybe kids roll around in dirt and fall out of trees a lot more often than I do. But the most amount of time their clothes will last them before they grow out of them? Maybe like... six months? So why can I wear a t-shirt three times and have it bobbled and ripped while a child's shirt could probably survive nuclear war? Worse still, I've returned so many kids clothes that didn't pass the kids durability test, yet if I try to return something after I've worn it, I get looked at like I have the plague.

2. Pockets

Why do babies get to have pockets and I don't?! What are all the important bits and pieces that a child gets to keep close to them whilst the pockets on my trousers are just a sewn-shut "design feature"? Ridiculous!

3. Romper Snaps

WHY CAN'T I GET SNAPS ON MY COOL JUMPSUIT, HUH?! Do you know how much work goes into using the restroom when you're wearing a one-piece? Babies don't even use the toilet!

4. Softness

I can't imagine a baby would take well to a leather skirt and an itchy mohair sweater but even items like cotton T-shirts are way softer when they're for kids. It doesn't even look better, so why do we have to have the uncomfortable option?

5. Easily Washable

I'm incredibly guilty of ignoring the wash label and fucking up my clothes, I just wish that wasn't an option! Have you ever seen an item of kids clothes that was dry clean only? I didn't think so.

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