Your Chipotle Quesarito Is Going To Cost You An Extra $3.50 Now, And Reactions Are Mixed

What do people love more than Chipotle? Extra Chipotle. Free, extra Chipotle. So began the story of the quesarito, a cheese quesadilla wrapped around burrito fillings well-known for being one of the fast casual chain's most beloved menu hacks. Unfortunately, though, the Chipotle quesarito will now cost extra: If you want your burrito made with a quesadilla crust, it'll set you back an additional $3.50, on top of the original burrito price. This may seem a little pricey, but considering that customers who order the quesarito are basically asking for two separate meals to be morphed into one, it's understandable.

There aren't set rules on what to do with every Chipotle off-menu item. However, enough people were ordering the quesarito, and being charged differently depending on which location they were at, that Chipotle decided to end the confusion and just make it a menu item. This is according to Chipotle's communications director Chris Arnold in an interview with Entrepreneur. So just like any other small-time celebrity, once the quesarito hit true stardom, it was ruined for the rest of us. Thanks a lot, popularity.

Chipotle staff has been directed to explain to unhappy customers that the extra cost isn't just for the ingredients, but also the extra time it takes to make the quesarito. Apparently there's also a new "shame" line for those who order the quesarito in order to keep them from slowing down the line (by which I mean that they'll be asked to stand to the side while their lunch is made — but hey, same difference, right?).

As of now, as far as I know, there haven't been riots in the streets or picket lines, although tensions are tight. Here's how the public is comping with the new quesarito price:

From People Whose Lives Have Now Been Ruined:

OK, I get it. You're upset. But is it really that bad?

I'll bet you $3.50 he didn't know it even existed until today.

From Grateful Employees:

They've got you, girl.

To People Who Just Hate The Quesarito In General:

Apparently there is a bad time for Chipotle. Who knew?

Yeah, chief.

And Of Course, The Anarchists:


But Love Conquers All:

At the end of the day, Chipotle wins. Because now I want to go an order an item I didn't even know existed until today. Lunch break, anyone?

Images: Fotolia; vixen_jhoyan/Instagram