How To Stream 'Degrassi' Season 14 Online & Catch Up Before The Finale

High School might not be the most reliable place, but thankfully Degrassi is something you can count on. The teen drama was canceled and picked back up in one of the fastest turnarounds I can remember, even faster than most Degrassi relationships and student scandals. That's right, the show is headed for yet another incarnation on Netflix — so how can you stream Degrassi now? The "final" episodes air this month on Teen Nick in the United States, and you won't want to miss this end of an era... for now, at least.

Even if you're loyal to the Degrassi High Class of 2006 that included classic Degrassi characters like Paige, Marco, Ellie, Craig, Ashley, (Wheelchair) Jimmy, and Spinner, you can still appreciate this news. I don't know about you, but the fact that Degrassi seems like it's going to live forever has me in the mood to relive my favorite moments and catch up on all the Canadian juiciness that I've missed.

Unfortunately, old seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation aren't yet on Netflix or any other subscription streaming service as of this moment. In the words of Manny Santos, that's cuckoo bananas. However, it doesn't take much background to get sucked into the drama, and there are several ways to stream the final episodes before they make the big move to Netflix.


Currently, you can watch the last five episodes of Season 14, that aired in January, on Hulu with a subscription.

Teen Nick

The last five episodes of 14a are also available on Teen Nick's website.


I know this method of streaming is slightly old school, but that's true to the Degrassi spirit, so make sure to check your cable OnDemand listings on either your television or by logging into a cable app. You may find some Season 14 and 13 episodes available for your enjoyment.

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

If you're willing to spend a few dimes on your streaming experience, you can buy the last handful of seasons on iTunes — as well as throwback to the Degrassi High and Degrassi Junior High from the 80s. Google Play has the most recent three seasons (which is still like almost 100 episodes). Finally, on Amazon Instant Video, you can purchase and stream almost any season of Degrassi you want, including TNG.

However, there's always Youtube for clips, Tumblr, and beyond for some sick gifsets & fandom community to satisfy your Degrassi fix. Fingers crossed that we'll get even more streaming choices soon!

Images: Stephen Scott/Epitome Pictures; Wifflegif (4)