3 Five Guys Secret Menu Items Die-Hard Burger And Fries Fans Should Definitely Try Out

It turns out that the menu you see posted at most of your favorite fast food joints is just the beginning of the story. By now we've all heard of the notorious McDonald's secret menu — and people have been singing the praises of the extensive In-N-Out secret menu for years — but what about the Five Guys secret menu? Does it exist? What is on it? Well, the answers are: Yes, and deliciousness.

I have to tell you, I wish I had known about this two years ago. Just after graduating college, I went through a summer-long phase where I was eating Five Guys almost every day. As a recent college graduate, I was deliberately not thinking super hard about my life decisions (or my arteries) — a state of mind for which Five Guys was perfect. They were close by; they were delicious; they had an outdoor seating area where I could get work done; and best of all, they were cheap and had refillable soda. But little did I know they also had a secret menu!

Five Guys, I thought we were so close. Why have you kept such secrets from me? I suppose now I have to go back for more, and my arteries will just have to deal.

The Five Guys secret menu is small — after all, the place really only sells two items (burgers and fries, of course), and they'll already customize your burger toppings, so secret permutations not already achievable by the very nature of the place are pretty limited — but it still looks delicious. According to Hack the Menu, here are three things you can get — if you know to ask for them in the first place

1. Double Grilled Cheese Burger

Five Guys makes a pretty mean grilled cheese — but what if you had two grilled cheeses and you used them as burger buns? Then you would be winning at life, that's what.

2. Cheese Fries

This delightful offering isn't available everywhere, but it's definitely worth finding out if your local Five Guys will make them for you. Because what is better than cheese fries? The answer is nothing. Nothing is better than cheese fries.

3. Patty Melt

A patty melt — which is essentially a cheeseburger which is then grilled with the bun and cheese on — is always a good choice, but the Five Guys patty melt is especially awesome. Why? Because in grand Five Guys fashion, they'll let you add any toppings to it that you want. Yesssss.

For more from the Five Guys secret menu, and to find out about how much each of these costs, you can check out Hack the Menu.

Image: Alexey Rotanov/Fotolia