New 'Scream Queens' Teasers Feature Emma & Ariana

It's officially a glorious day: Wednesday, FOX released new teasers for Scream Queens , and in addition to giving more information about the series — each provide quick snapshots of individual characters — they'll make you even more excited about the show. As the videos explain, Emma Roberts plays Chanel, the head of a "mean girls"-esque sorority called Kappa Kappa Tau, and her minions go by the names Chanel #2, Chanel #3 and so on — a hilarious perfume pun.

The marketing so far has been a bit mysterious about the central mystery, other than the fact that there will be a serial killer of sorts in a sorority, seeking revenge for a crime 20 years earlier. The Kappa Kappa Tau sisters will be facing an enemy way scarier than the college dean (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), and the new flock of pledges who are guaranteed admission to the sorority by the dean's command. (The new pledges include Lea Michele, who seems to be playing someone even dorkier than her beloved Glee character, Rachel Berry.)

As seen in the teaser, the "scarier" comes in the form of a serial killer in a red devil costume who's plaguing the sisters even more than Queen Bee Chanel is. The show promises to be an exciting marriage of comedy and horror, and much like other shows created by Ryan Murphy, it will embrace it's campiness and over-the-top nature to provide a straight-up good time. Here are the new trailers that focus on the Chanels, and why they are getting us excited about the new series.

It's Ryan Murphy At His Best

According to Emma Roberts, what Ryan Murphy does best is a sort of "dark, sarcastic humor," and she promised in her teaser that there is a lot of it in Scream Queens. Roberts is playing a character much like Madison on American Horror Story: Coven — her previous Murphy collaboration — so it will be fun to see Roberts in full Queen Bee mode again.

Ariana Grande Gets Back To Her Acting Roots

Before she was the notorious, donut-licking pop diva, she was a Broadway actress! Grande was in Jason Robert Brown's musical 13 back in 2008 (and also starred as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon's Sam & Cat) and is now returning to her thespian roots.

The Heathers Influence Is Real

Not enough millennials have seen the '80s film Heathers, which is like the proto-Mean Girls with its clever catchphrases and iconic clique. Billie Lourd, who plays Chanel #3, said in her teaser that the show has both hilarity and murder like the movie — so, if you haven't seen Heathers, go watch it RIGHT NOW. It's on Netflix. I'll wait.

Abigail Breslin Is "Little Miss Sunshine" No More

Back? OK, great: Moving on, Breslin plays Chanel #5, who she described in her teaser as "a little bit crazy... smart and cunning and sociopathic and a little bit insane." This is an exciting evolution from Breslin's Oscar-nominated role as a quirky pageant contestant, so it's going to be exciting to see Breslin play against type.

Scream Queens will premiere Sept. 22 on FOX.