What Is Amy Poehler Starring In Next? Her Upcoming Project Sounds Progressive & Badass

Finally: It's the Parks and Recreation and Mindy Project crossover you've been dreaming of. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amy Poehler's next starring role teaming up with Ike Barinholtz (aka Morgan on Mindy) for a new comedy. Universal Pictures just picked up a basketball comedy tentatively titled Balls from Barinholtz and his writing partner, David Stassen, which Poehler will produce as well as star in. If you need any more proof that this is going to be amazing, here's the description of her character: "[She's] a once-promising basketball coach who is asked to lead an NBA team under the gaze of a reluctant organization and the pressure of being 'the first.'"

This premise is ripe for comedy, and, when you think about it, is totally a feminist statement couched in comedy — following the brilliant trend that Inside Amy Schumer has perfected. The crux of the conflict sounds like it's straight-up demonstrating how women can do any job that a man could do, which is true, and this concept is a perfect opportunity to expose how misogynistic some fans of the sport — "sports bros," if you will — can be.

Points for perfect casting, and a punny title. (Can I just add, since it is a film that has both basketball and comedy, can LeBron James, who proved his comic chops in Trainwreck , also make an appearance?

Poehler is the perfect actress to play the character, and here's why.

She Has The Leadership Experience

Poehler's Leslie Knope lead the Pawnee Godesses — and in the Parks finale, she's suggested to be running the whole United States. That certainly makes her qualified to be coach.

She Has The Energy

"RICK! RICK! RICK! RICK!" Poehler has the tireless energy it takes to lead a team.

She's Burned Sexist Sports Bros Before

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube

Poehler reunited with Seth Meyers for a "REALLY!? with Seth and Amy," to slam a Sports Illustrated writer who tweeted that women's sports are not worth watching. Ya burnt.

She's Great at Sports Chatter

She always knew where was on the the play was on the baseball diamond, and will organize the after-party.

Who else is already ready to line up outside the theater for this one?