9 Summer Waxing Tips To Follow

Ah, summertime. Season of swimsuits, sun tans, and having to get waxed. When the weather heats up, clothes come off and everyone starts showing some serious skin, which means the time is now to brush up on summer waxing tips. Those winter months of benign neglect start to look a little questionable in the bikini line region. What's a girl to do when she wants to rock a Brazilian bikini at the beach, but feels shy about everyone finding out she's not a natural redhead? The best answer is always waxing.

Waxing isn't for everyone. Some ladies love a razor to get their smooth, clean lines. Other dames are super down with the natural full bush and wouldn't let an aesthetician bearing hot wax within ten feet of their privates...much less pay that person to then rip said wax from their bodies.

But for the ladies who are into smooth and sleek, or are sick and tired of shaving, or have suffered one too many bouts of razor burn, waxing is the way to go. Here's your go-to guide for prepping for your wax visit, what to consider before committing, and how to maintain a healthy bikini region in the interim. Summer waxing — it's not just for candles anymore.

1. Know What You're Getting Into

Here's the scoop. Waxing is a commitment. Don't do it once and then never again. I mean, you can. But it's kind of pointless. The repetition of the act keeps the hair follicles from rooting in, so each time you wax, there is less hair and the discomfort is not as severe. The first time hurts the worst, so know that and carry on like the champ you are. It gets better.

2. Start A Waxing Fund

Waxing is not free, unfortunately. And until you find a non-threatening fetishist willing to pay you $50 a pop to wax your lady zone, plan to pay your local spa anywhere from $35-$75 a visit for the experience. To keep your pubes restrained and tamed, you should schedule a visit every 4-6 weeks. Most places offer a package discount, so if you find a specialist you like, lock in and save some dough.

3. Grow It Out Before You Get Waxed

You need at least 1/4 inch length on your lovely lady hairs to make sure the wax can do its job. Any shorter than that and you won't get results. Be patient, young Jedi. The hair will come.

4. Exfoliate As Though Your Life Depended On It

In preparation for your wax, exfoliate with a loofah and earth-friendly scrub. This will slough off the top layer of skin, loosen up those wayward hairs, and make their exit from your top layer of skin that much easier.

5. Take It Easy During Your Period

Thanks to the nature of nature, the skin on our pelvis and vagina is more tender during PMS and our menstrual cycle. Learn from my mistake the first time. Don't wax before your period. It hurts pretty bad. If your body is down with Advil or Tylenol, take two 30 minutes before your visit to help mitigate discomfort.

6. Be Gentle With Yourself

You got your first wax! Congratulations. Now the trick is to keep everything happy and healthy. Use a cold compress (aka pack 'o frozen peas) to soothe any pain and prevent swelling immediately after you return home. An expert for Elle recommends abstaining (only for 48 hours) from sex to avoid irritating or infecting already tender skin. And I know you know better, but no sauna or steam room 15 minutes after your waxing appointment. Let a lady breathe.

7. Maintain Like A Mofo

Two or three days after you wax, begin gently exfoliating your whole region every time you shower. Don't get all wild like you're scrubbing paint off a shed. Soft and tender like you'd pet a baby bird. But stimulating the skin regeneration in your pubic area means less likelihood of ingrown hairs. And those are certainly the worst.

8. Do Not Mess With Ingrown Hairs

Do not pick them. So tempting. So tempting. Do not squeeze, pinch, or otherwise terrorize with tweezers annoying red bumps. Once tormented they become prone to infection and they look terrible. Employ products that prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs to save your soul from red hell.

9. Enjoy!

This list may sound super bootcamp-esque and you may wonder why anyone would ever consider getting a wax in the first place. But once you go through it, you know the results are marvelous. That is why! If you want smooth, waxing delivers in spades with long lasting outcomes (that don't include pointing lasers at your vagina). And it's kind of fun in a weird lady maintenance kind of way. If you're a spa and procedure type of gal, that is.

Images: Kaboompics/Pixabay; Instagram (5)