'Catfish' Had A Rapper Reversal

Rapper R. Prophet, called "Ryan" awkwardly for the beginning of this episode, and member of the rap group Nappy Roots, was the subject of the latest Catfish episode — and the musician was treated to a roller coaster ride. When it was revealed that R. Prophet's online girlfriend "Trinity" was actually a woman named Crystal, it was one hell of a reveal. Especially considering that this flipped the whole "fake rapper" thing that was omnipresent in the first half of Season 4 and Season 3 on its head — R. Prophet was being totally genuine, while Crystal was the one who was deceitful.

Otherwise, the episode was very typical Catfish, with Max & Nev using the formula they've perfected: find a person with an obviously fake significant other, do some reverse image searching, and eventually uncover the truth: Trinity's pics belong to an Instagram celebrity named Jasmine Sanders, while her real information belonged to a normal non-celebrity named Crystal. Nev was even able to FaceTime with Jasmine in order to prove that it wasn't really her. Oh, and she's still gorgeous now, by the way.

And that gorgeousness is what Crystal wanted to emulate, as she made the fake account to spy on her ex-boyfriend's Facebook after he blocked her online. And after she used the account for that, she began to support Prophet with his campaign to end police brutality in 2013, when he alleges he was beat by cops for no reason while complying with an arrest.

I mean, it was obvious from the first few minutes of the episode that Trinity wasn't exactly who she said she was, since no one with eyebrows like that is looking for romance on the internet (even if it's with a minor celebrity from the early 2000s). Unfortunately, R. Prophet seemed to be really disappointed with the revelation that "Trinity" was actually "Crystal," but by the end, they had agreed to work platonically, even though chances of a romantic relationship disappeared. Overall, a sweet ending to a very atypical Catfish episode.

Also, #NevRapped. It was... brief, thankfully.

Let's just say it was incredibly embarrassing, but short enough that it seemed like Nev was in on the joke. It just puts a capper on this reverse-psychology version of a classic Catfish episode. And having Prophet on the show helped to debunk one of the classic excuses that catfishes always use: turns out, it is possible to get phone service in the recording studio. So this episode busted Catfish stereotypes all over the place.

Images: MTV (2)