Laverne Cox Poses For ‘Nylon’ In A Diner And Reminds Us Of A Modern Day Pink Lady

There are few people more deserving of accolades than Laverne Cox. The advocate and activist for trans rights is an incredible fixture in the movement for trans inclusion. Oh, and she's also an amazing actress on an incredible show. While all this is true and deserves praise, we've got to talk about Laverne Cox's Nylon shoot that's totally giving us retro Grease vibes, and I love it. Plus, I'm totally jonesing for some fries now, but I'll just have to settle for staring at the insanely fierce photos of the actress.

Cox sat down with Nylon to discuss her activism and how she takes care of herself in the glare of such heightened media attention. It's definitely safe to say that she doesn't take her position as an advocate for the trans community lightly. It's something she cares for deeply. Cox calls herself, “a storyteller—imagining different ways to tell transgender stories.” It's the perfect way to explain her part in the movement for trans rights. Cox tells the story of fictional— but sadly realistic— Sophia Burset, a transgender inmate at Litchfield in prison for financing her transition through stolen credit cards. Cox also tells her own personal narrative every day by unabashedly being herself and vocal for trans men and women everywhere.

While she's glad to be an activist and advocate, Cox is aware that her position is unique. She's got quite the audience when she speaks, and as a result, she values self care. She says, "What I really have to prioritize is self-care, something as basic as getting sleep. I’ve had to say no to a lot of things. There’s a cost for me emotionally when I speak up about things. I’m always a target because I’m a public figure, and I’m not doing activism in obscurity. I have to get myself ready for the bullets.”

Cox goes on to explain that she was recently in Paris where her chosen method of self care was the purchase of a Fendi bag. Clearly, Cox has style, and it's insanely obvious in her Nylon shoot. With denim shorts, a denim jacket, and cat eye classes, Cox would almost be rocking a kind of rockabilly chic look. However, it's the pink sweater that really caught our eye as the diner setting and color really give us some Pink Lady vibes.

Regardless of the inspiration, we love the shoot and the styling. However, we've got to say that we love Laverne Cox more. Her bravery, advocacy, and activism truly make her one of the most impactful stars in the industry. We're lucky to have brilliant mind, superb acting skills, and killer style in Hollywood.

Images: Laverne Cox/Instagram (2)