11 Creative Cartilage Piercings To Copy

You know that moment when you get super obsessed with a certain type of piercing or tattoo and you go through these various emotional stages that very much feels like a roller coaster of emotions? Yeah, that's basically what I'm going through right now with creative cartilage piercings. The first wave of emotions that I go through is what I like to call "Candy Craze." I basically turn into a hyper little kid that really, really wants something and isn't afraid to eagerly show it. Then I get hit with a bit of maturity, which requires me to step back and think things such as, "Will it hurt?," "Am I going to look good with it?," "Can it easily get infected?" You know, all the usual questions that most people think about before getting a piercing.

But then, I'll end up looking through some more piercing photos and I'm back at that "Candy Craze" phase. To be honest, the emotional waves kind of alternate between my contemplation over getting a nose piercing or one on my cartilage. But as of right now, I'm gawking over awesome ear bling. After looking through countless cartilage piercing photos, I noticed that most people like to keep it simple with a single stud. However, you can also feel free to use the cartilage as a canvas and pierce multiple holes for more potential bling.

If you've been debating on getting your cartilage pierced or if you need some new bling inspiration to make over your ear, here are 11 awesome cartilage piercings to copy.

1. Rings

The layered look is sick.

2. Arrow

Such a unique bar piercing.

3. Simple Stud

You can always play it safe with simplicity.

4. Double Studded

The double flat piercings look great with that outer conch.

5. Silver Stud

Everyone's ear is different, and if your cartilage doesn't provide a huge canvas, getting a single silver stud seems to go with everything while looking great.

6. Asymmetrical

Love the offset look.

7. Dangling

Many people think that their cartilage piercing can only be a stud or a bar, but this cute dreamcatcher charm just goes to show you can rock danglers if you want to.

8. Curved

I love how the feather perfectly curves along the shape of her ear.

9. Statement Charms

As long as it doesn't feel too heavy for you, statement charms are definitely worth trying.

10. Industrial

Love the angle and the colors.

11. Semicolon

If you don't want to commit to a semicolon tattoo, this cartilage one might be a great second option.

Images: punkstylecom, bandsforeeever, hailcy, piercingsbycat, xxbrittxx99, bodypiercings_nwa, audrey_loveall, rob___banks, tumblr_post_sweet, piercingsbycampbell, missbillieaugust/Instagram