Alexa Chung's AG Jeans Range Is Girl Gang Themed

The final collabo betwen "It" girl Alexa Chung and AG Jeans is here and the pieces are primo for that erratic and transitional summer-to-fall period. There are lots of super cute items that you can layer with things already in your closet as the weather changes from warm to cool on a daily basis. But it's the "Feminist" t-shirt in the Alexa Chung x AG Jeans collection that makes a simple but effective statement. It gets the point across, loudly and clearly.

What a way for Chung to close out her glamsual collabo with the brand. She is going out on quite a high note. It's an extensive collection, with lots of dresses, tops, and bottoms that you can pair with things you already own.

But it's the origin story that slays and will make you want to own any of the items, since they have a badass overall theme.

Chung said, "This collection was inspired by an imaginary girl gang, a gaggle of delinquents charging across the desert. I don’t know where they came from, I’m not sure where they’re going… But this what they’re wearing."

So, basically, this range is all about squad goals of the fashion sort. Move over, Taylor Swift and the "Bad Blood" video cast.

An early preview of the final range indicated it would once again capture Chung's casual cool aesthetic. All the Alexa x AG Jeans pieces are now available and they effectively encapsulate Chung chic.

But I have to admit the graphic tee, which features a picture of Chung wearing a crop top with the word "FEMINIST" stamped in black, is my favorite. It's so easy in its message and it lets the world know what you think and feel without any degree of alienation. It's cute and it's got a message.

It's seriously "must own."

Here are the five other most versatile and "must have" pieces in the series swan song. You and your girl gang can dress for the task at hand, whether it's a GNO, double date night, a casual work event, a shopping sojourn... whatever! It's not about the girl gang's agenda; it's about looking good while making s**t happen!


Pair it with high-waisted boyfriend jeans or a swingy leather mini or gray skinnies and you can let the world know you are girl positive without getting on any sort of soapbox. No need to tweet or Instagram shots of feminist-leaning quotes. Just take a selfie wearing this shirt, which is actually dubbed "The Selfie T." ($118,


This soft, heather gray, long-sleeved tee is a tad mysterious with its "Sacred Monster" phrase in a dripping, horror film font. It's a true manifestation of creepy cool. ($118,


This Pixie romper is perfectly designed for those in-between days where it's comfortably warm and breezy —neither cool nor hot— during the day. But it transitions to cool, crisper nights easily. I love that the sleeves are three-quarter length and the button detailing. It's romper chic, elevated! All girl gang members have to look and act the part of boss with an outfit like this. ($325,


A denim jacket is an early fall essential. This Hitt Girl Gang version is timeless. It totally throwsback to the '80s, but is modernized with current pieces. Every girl in your gang could wear one, but customize it with buttons, patches, beads, anything! ($298,


These cropped, worn jeans have a tricky length, since they hit above the ankle. But they can be styled with so many different tops or shoes to make them dressy, glamsual, or ready for errand running. You and any member of the girl gang can get creative with 'em. ($255,

Squad goals, indeed.

Images: AG Jeans (6)