Blindfolded Partners Try To Identify Each Other

One of the coolest parts of serious partnerships is the comfortable level of familiarity. My sister told me she knew her partner was The One fairly early into their courting when he correctly identified the unique aroma of her fart in a packed movie theater. Now they have two children and have been married for six years. That's love, y'all. How do folks fare when asked to identify their partner by groping while blindfolded? Well, the answer might surprise you. Kinda.

You may think you definitely know a serious partner inside and out. You memorized the sounds they make while chewing. You can identify the face they make just before a sneeze. You can absolutely bring them to orgasm without even thinking. It's a cool development and knowledge, for sure. But when sans the huge advantage of vision, it can be a little more tough.

I'm pretty sure I'd fail. Once, when in the midst of a three-year relationship, I galloped up to who I thought was my boyfriend in a crowded bar and smacked his ass with significant gusto. It was definitely not him, but luckily he wasn't super mad (I honestly have no idea how I'd deal with that possible rage). I wasn't even blindfolded! Tragic, really.

In this experiment, the blindfolded folks were presented with a variety of physical attributes to identify, including:


This dude knows this other dude is most definitely not his dude. Breath would be a tough one, man. Do people have distinct breath smells? I feel like only bad ones are recognizable. Or like, coffee. IDK.


Seems fairly straight-forward, yet this guy totally misidentifies his girlfriend. Whoops!


I am actually getting anxiety with this one.

See the whole experiment below:

How do you this you'd do with your partner? If nothing else, I guess touching butts is kinda fun. Right?

Images: YouTube(4)