Does 'Big Brother' Hunk Clay Have A Girlfriend? He May Be Hiding A Big Secret To Win The Game

The competition is heating up on Big Brother and there is already some serious drama about who is trustworthy and what was or was not said (Audrey seems to not be grasping the 'cameras in the house' aspect of the game so well right now). I think we've got a real competitor in the Big Brother house and he is hiding his game-savvy behind a sweet smile and some killer abs. That's right, I think Clay Honeycutt is going to win Big Brother and he'll do it by using his charm (and body) to his advantage. You see, this entire time he has been befriending people and teasing a showmance with Shelli, I think he's been hiding a secret — one that's a lot bigger than just doing a fantastic Zach Morris impression. My theory is that Clay has a girlfriend back home, and is lying about being single to keep ladies on the show interested and on his side.

Think about how much control he had when Shelli was Head of House — I don't think that was by mistake. I think Clay is playing everyone and using his single status to get ahead. Sure, I'm just speculating here, but there is some reasoning to back it up. Check out the six reason why Clay has to have a girlfriend back home, and then tell me you don't think he's hiding something.

Zero Smooches

Let's get right down to it: There has been plenty of foreplay in the house so far but no one has gotten down to business. In fact, there's has been plenty of hugging, snuggling, and affectionate touching, but no real makeouts. Does he just not want to go there yet, or does he have someone watching he doesn't want to piss off?

No Shelli Action

As we've mentioned before Shelli and Clay haven’t hooked up yet and it's downright bizarre. They sleep in the same bed, they have an alliance, and there's no real romantic competition. What are they waiting for? Or maybe more accurately, what is Clay trying to put off?

The Flirting Only Zone

Because technically everything he's done so far could be chalked up to heavy flirting, especially in comparison to Austin (who for sure has a girlfriend). I mean, I wouldn't be cool with my man sleeping in bed with another lady, but maybe they worked this out before he left.

Keeping His Private Life Private

We know a little bit about him, but he really doesn't talk about himself that much. Or if he does, the cameras aren't showing it to us. Why wouldn't he talk much about his home life? What's he got to hide?

Seriously, Why Else Would He Not Be Getting Some?

There is just a certain level of sexiness I have come to expect when hot people are on reality TV together. Blame The Bachelor, but I expect hookups. I mean, come on.

He's Playing The Game Right

I know, this is him literally saying he is 100 percent single. But he has to know that his body/charm/abs would give him a huge leg up in the game. I think he is straight up lying about having a girlfriend back home to win the game. And you know what, I think it's going to work.

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