14 Times Elisabeth Moss' Red Carpet Style Was As On Fleek As Her Acting Skills

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How much do we miss Mad Men? It's been off the air all of a couple months, and I'm already contemplating a full series re-watch (and there's a full section on my Tumblr devoted to Stan/Peggy gifsets, but that's another story). At any rate, Elisabeth Moss has always been one of my favorites from the popular drama, both onscreen and off — so what better way to stave off Mad Men withdrawal than with a red carpet gallery of Ms. Moss' best fashion moments?

Like Peggy, Moss has always had her ups and downs in the fashion arena — she's never garnered quite the fashion street cred of her co-star Kiernan Shipka, but she's still worn some pretty darn fabulous looks over the years. Let's take a look at 14 of them.

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