What Did 'The O.C.'s Seth & Zach Have In Common?

There's only one guy for Summer Roberts, and that's the comic book nerd next door Seth Cohen. Of course, just because Seth and Summer were totally endgame (they even got married in the finale, which forever solidified them as everyone's ultimate The O.C. OTP), though, doesn't mean that there weren't other people in the running for both of their hearts. Seth may have been in love with Summer since third grade, but that didn't stop him from exploring a romance with fellow Death Cab For Cutie enthusiast Anna Stern — and Summer had an Anna of her very own. Zach Stevens was a worthy opponent for Seth, but at the end of the day, this water polo player just didn't hold a candle to a Cohen.

However, just because Zach wasn't, well, Seth, doesn't mean that him and Seth didn't have a lot in common. After all, they both competed for a relationship with Summer with such enthusiasm that it only makes sense that they would be at least somewhat similar. Zach may have been the guy that more people would have seen with Summer, but he had geeky tendencies that totally kept him on Seth's level. Seth may not have had an in with the cool kids, but he was able to sweep Summer off of her feet — and away from Zach for good.

So how similar and different were these two? Let's break it down:

Images: Warner Bros. Television (2); Dawn Foster/Bustle