Kendall + Kylie's Shoppable Website Is Here

Fans of the Jenner sisters will now be able to check out never-before-seen polaroid-style snaps of the chic sisters, and click them to buy the clothes right off their backs. That's right, Kendall and Kylie Jenner's website just launched, and if it's anything like everything the teen siblings do, it's going to be major, influential, and profitable.

While Instagram,Twitter and affiliates like Reward-Style continue to work out the kinks in the handful of not-quite-there-yet social shopping models, the Jenners are going rogue to turn their covetable style into yet another genius business that will let fans and fashionistas snag each sister's most recent looks.

Every week, there will be a surprise sale of two looks recently worn by the fashion icons. Each item will be a site exclusive, and will reflect each one's personal style; Kylie is the edgy one and Kendall is the all-American girl-next-door.

If the site is to be anything like Kendall and Kylie's shared Instagram account, we can expect lots of variety; there will be classic, Kanye-approved neutrals, but BTS pics also show the promise of plenty of prints, from '90's-inspired gingham to full-on florals.

Currently, you can shop "Kylie," a cropped tank with an asymmetric strap with the number "97" (the year she was born, if you weren't feeling old already), or "Kendall," a limited-edition tee (also cropped, because obvi) with the word "Klub" splashed across the front.

In fact, the whole family seems to be going for major website upgrades; the new DASH website with e-commerce went live a couple months ago, and half-sister Kim Kardashian has been talking about her new site for what seems like 1,000 years in Internet-time. Meanwhile, it's also rumored that Kylie is launching her own website that will center around makeup tutorials.

Here's what we can expect to see — and shop — in the coming weeks, based on the sibs' Instagram:

Global Style

Because if you don't already have an ankle-length embroidered caftan, you're about to.

Lots of Polaroid Pics

#nofilter needed when your selfie was snapped on one of these retro babies.

Midriffs and Underboob Galore

Because you're only young once.

Lots of Leather

Told ya she was edgy.

Secrets Will Be Revealed

They wouldn't just tease us like that, right? Right, guys?!

Head on over to and start dressing like the third Jenner sister you always wanted to be.

Images: kendallandkylie/Instagram, Screenshot