Kylie Jenner to Launch Website With Beauty Tips

Let's face it — whether of not you're a fan of the youngest Jenner, you've got to admit that she definitely knows how to use makeup. Whether it's accentuating her lips or contouring the shiz out of her face, she's definitely a beauty pro by now, and Kylie Jenner is launching her own website, featuring beauty tutorials so we all can learn a little soemthing from the 17-year-old's routine.

Jenner posted a casual selfie (that may or may not have taken her 500 tries) to her Insta account on Tuesday with a caption that read "can't wait to release all my beauty secrets on coming soon." She seems to be taking cues from her older sister Kim Kardashian, who will be releasing makeup tutorials on her own website soon, so we can all finally figure out how to contour like pros. I'm not the only one who still totally fails at that, right?

You may already be taking note of Jenner's style by stocking up on her and sister Kendall's collaboration with Topshop, so why not add her to your "makeup inspiration" list, and see if you can emulate some of her now-famous Instagram selfies (maybe with some editing of your own).

Though she's only 17 years old, Jenner has definitely flooded our social media feeds with enough fabulous looks to show that she's got a lot to offer when it comes to teaching you a thing or two about cosmetics. Here are some of the potential looks Jenner can take to her site to show how she got her makeup that flawless.

Those Infamous Lips

Many have tried (and most likely failed) to emulate Jenner's infamous lips, but let's hope Kylie gives us some tips to achieving her full lip look — without going under the needle.

Her Brow Game is always Strong

Strong brows are all the rage, and Jenner has definitely stayed on fleek with her awesome, strong arches that are definitely worth replicating.

Kim Definitely Taught Her How to Contour

Contouring is definitely something that needs to be taught by a pro, whether that's a makeup artist, or you're talented bestie, because let's face it — it's pretty intimidating. Thankfully for Jenner, she seems to have already mastered the difficult technique.

Remember her Teal Hair?

To be honest, I was totally a fan of Jenner's teal-tipped hair, and thought the young star worked the bright color. Though you can rock your own version with Jenner's hair extension line, it would be cool to see her share a tutorial on how she got her dark locks to hold such a bright hue.

I'm just hoping none of the tutorials on the site involve a shot glass. Let's just pretend that was never a thing, shall we?