5 Late Summer Festival Beauty Hacks From YouTube

Although I wouldn't strictly refer to myself as the girliest of girls, one of my favorite things about the late summer season is the opportunity to switch up my festival beauty. Festival beauty hacks for end of summer offer one last chance to go a little nuts before the responsibilities of fall creep up on you. When it comes to carnival-crawling in August and September, no beauty look is too wild or eccentric to be off the table, from elaborate eyeliner designs to full neon body paint. In the laid back, adrenaline-fueled world of end of summer festivals, anything goes. These events offer the perfect encouragement for trying out all those loud, proud beauty looks you were a little reluctant to leap into on home soil.

Of course, everyone has their own personal pick of festival beauty essentials. When it comes to battling those still-hot temperatures mixed in with drizzly days, it's always a good idea to keep your most hard-wearing beauty besties close at hand. Once you've mastered the face wipes, cover-up, and dry shampoo routine, though, why not use your holiday as an excuse to really get your creative cosmetic juices flowing? From rainbow-inspired carnival looks to 3D sunflower eye makeup and even warrior princess attire, there's a majestical makeup style for every festival-goer.

Whatever your level of festival makeup expertise, these bloggers will have the beauty hacks for you.

1. Color Burst, Courtesy By KlairedelysArt

If you're a firm fangirl of all things ethereal and mermaid-inspired, but also love all things bright and beautiful, then this sparkly, softly-blended eyeshadow look is the perfect way to stand out at your last festival of the season. Just find the nearest lake, pool, or stream, and practice your best siren song.

2. Festival Flower Makeup By Metamorphosey

If flower power and free love are your festival mantras, then this simple 3D flower eye makeup tutorial is the perfect way to put a hippy-themed spring in your step. Not only is it striking yet relatively simple to create, but when orchestrated with waterproof cosmetics, it'll struggle to budge in even the sweatiest of crowds. Far out, man.

If florals are your thing, you should also consider some DIY flower tattoos for utter loveliness.

3. Starry Eyed Music Festival Makeup Tutorial By KristenLeanneStyle

If your signature festival style consists of looking pretty as a peacock without caking your face in color, then this gorgeous starry-eyed ombre color wash will offer you a striking feather effect under your eyes. It's very open to interpretation as well. Just experiment with different eyeshadow washes, false lash lengths, and glitter shapes to give the look your own style stamp.

4. Elf Makeup Tutorial By GemmaGhoul

Are you a diehard fan of Lord Of The Rings or World Of Warcraft? Perhaps you've simply always fancied yourself as a pixie or ethereal woodland creature? Whatever your reasons for being inspired by supernatural folklore style, this dreamy elf makeup tutorial is your ticket to end of summer festival bliss. If you want to go one step further, there's even a tutorial on how to DIY your own elf ears for full elfin appeal.

5. Lace Mask Makeup Tutorial By Nsomniaks Dream

If you're a big lover of all things lace or an avid fan of paper cutout artists such as Rob Ryan, then this freestyle lace mask makeup tutorial is ready and waiting to satisfy the graphic artist in you. Although not one for the faint of heart or shaky of hand, this style is far less complicated than it looks. You've got the freedom to let your imagination run wild, with a lace effect that's as complicated or simple as your heart desires. If your hand goes haywire, don't panic: Nobody but you knows your original design, so simply smile and style it out.

Autumn is upon us, but there's still time to enjoy some late seasonal festivities. Why not be an elf or starry-eyed babe while doing so?

Images: GemmaGhoul/YouTube