9 Facekinis For Your End Of Summer Vacation Because Your Skin Still Needs To Be Protected

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You probably know the bikini quite well. Chances are you've also heard of the tankini. But trending in China and making its way to Western shores is facekini fashion. Or in other words, masks worn to take care of your face so that the sun is stopped in its tracks before it has a chance to damage your skin. So say hello to your end of summer vacation must-have.

It's hard to say when the (slightly bizarre) swimwear accessory started to take off, but facekinis have been spotted on Chinese beaches for the past several years and have been receiving media attention since last summer — especially since their debut in the publication CR Fashion Book last August.

Although some have speculated that the facekini's popularity is down to the Chinese fascination with having fair, smooth skin (a highly sought after beauty characteristic for Chinese women, especially), it also protects against bug bites, jellyfish stings, and maybe even shark attacks. One facekini vendor allegedly swears that bright orange masks will deter sharks “because they fear this color the most.”

It's likely you won't be seeing this interesting trend on your favorite U.S. beaches on your final summer getaway, but facekinis are being produced in the states. Click ahead to see some of the best of the best and channel your inner wrestler or superhero before autumnal realities set back in.

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