'PLL's Emily Is All Of Us On An Awkward Date

By Kaitlin Reilly

Let's face it: our Pretty Little Liars girls have been paired up for a while now. Hanna has Caleb, Spencer has Toby, and, when he's not being her teacher and a "real adult" Aria has Ezra. Sure, these girls have had their share of other love interests, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to that one "special someone," no matter how much havoc their love interests have wreaked on their hearts over the years. The one person who doesn't have a consistent love interest, but instead always seems to be falling for someone new is Pretty Little Liars ' Emily. Emily's had her share of heartbreak — her first love, Ali, never truly returned her feelings, her first girlfriend Maya was murdered, and her relationship with Paige ended when Paige moved 3000 miles away to California. It's no wonder she's always falling into the arms of someone new — girlfriend needs someone to help mend that perpetually-breaking heart.

Of course, as anyone who has ever tested the relationship waters knows, not every person is a romantic winner. It takes plenty of time and energy to sift through the losers in order to find someone you click with, which is a struggle Em would know pretty well. (Not every lady that Em finds cute will be worthy of donning Emily's Rosewood High swim team jacket, after all.) If you've ever been on an awkward date from hell and thought you were completely alone, don't worry — Em has got you covered.

Here are all the times that Emily was basically you during every cringe-worthy date:

1. When You Met On Tinder And The Profile Pic May As Well Have Been A Different Person

Err, OK, so maybe your seemingly put together date forgot to do laundry this week — it's not like you decided to go on a date with them because of how they looked on their profule. (At least, that wasn't the only reason.) You can look past the stained tee shirt and the Crocs if they're willing to talk Game Of Thrones with you.

2. When Your Date Starts Talking Politics Before The Appetizer Platter Arrives

They wants to know where you stand on pressing political issues before you've had your equal share of mozzarella sticks?

3. When Your Date Says You'd Look So Great If You Just Hit The Gym Harder

*Takes a big gulp of wine* *Leaves just enough to throw on date's face if needed*

4. When Your Date Insists That He's Buds With James Franco

There's a difference between being "buds" and "seeing him in front of an NYU cafe that one time during senior year."

5. When Your Date Shades You For Having A Second Glass Of Wine

The promise of another glass is the only thing keeping you at the table.

6. When They Start Talking About Their Ex

Please, tell me more about how your ex "changed your life" and how you're not sure why you two broke up in the first place. Completely riveting.

7. When You Need To Get Out Of The Date ASAP...

Who knew a stomach bug could hit you so fast, right?!

8. ... And When The Valet Asks You If You're Really OK

You're considering deleting every single dating app you have, but at least you don't really have the stomach flu.

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