6 Common Oral Sex Mistakes

When it comes to oral sex, no one wants to admit that they might need a little help. You’re probably not going to want to shout it from the rooftops, or make a Facebook status about it. You might not even want to ask your bestie to offer up some tips. Thankfully, you can Google up a storm and figure out specific mistakes that you may or may not be making. But how do you know what information you can trust and what's BS? It's pretty difficult, right?

We would all like to think that we are giving A+ material when it comes to going downtown. The scary part is that your previous partners and/or your current partner may be too afraid to set you straight. Other than the obvious screaming of “Ouch!” you may never know whether you’re doing anything wrong. Therefore, I suggest you take a moment and think about your oral sex game, and if you need to step it up. Or possibly step it down. Here are some common blunders that could happen when you are going down on your partner. Now, while you’re going to third base, you’ll actually be hitting a home run.

1. Too Much Too Fast

Some people say that there can never be too much of a good thing. Well, that’s not exactly the case when it comes to going down on your partner. Going full force too quickly will not be kind to a sensitive vagina or penis. You’re going to want to ease into going faster and harder. Start out slow, and then speed it up once you can tell your partner is ready. You’ve got to rev the engine before you hit the gas.

2. One Note

There is an art to giving the perfect fellatio/cunnilingus. Think of it like playing an instrument. You don’t want to hear just one note the whole time. When it comes to life in general, variety is better. Same goes for going giving a BJ or eating a girl out. You’re going to want to switch things up. Predictability is not meant for this category. Change up the motions and the speed, and you’ll have one happy customer.

3. Teeth

Having nice teeth is usually seen as a lovely thing. However, it does not apply to oral sex in most cases. When you are going to go down on your partner, he or she shouldn’t even be thinking of your precious smile. Biting in bed is more than fine. In fact, it’s quite fun. Just aim your bites for less sensitive areas.

4. No Eye Contact

Making proper eye contact is important both in and outside the bedroom. There’s something so sexy about someone going down on you while looking at you. It steps up the vulnerability while being incredibly hot. So take a hard look at your eye contact game during oral sex, and see if it’s something you need to add.

5. Look, No Hands!

When it comes to third base, you will want to have a hands-on approach. Your hands are going to be your little helpers in this scenario. Use them to your advantage. Trust me, it will make your job easier. A little hand will go a long way.

6. Mindlessness

One of the most important parts of going downtown is staying mindful of the person you are pleasing. If you are not aware of his or her body in terms of movement, breathing, and what they're saying, then you’ve lost the battle. But have no fear — you can still win the war if you start to get in tune with your partner. Asking what he or she wants will get you ahead of the game.

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