These Boyfriends Cut Their Girlfriends' Hair, And It Is About To Make You Very, Very Nervous — VIDEO

We trust our partners to really know us, right? They could identify us when blindfolded, even (maybe). But how do you feel about handing bae a pair of scissors and letting them dictate your hairstyle for the foreseeable future? These girlfriends let their boyfriends cut their hair for a new BuzzFeed video, and the nerves are borderline palpable.

In college, I let basically anyone of various levels of sobriety wrangle a pair of inexpert Fiskers and have at my hair. Among those, I asked my then-boyfriend to take an actual pair of clippers and give me a long-ish buzz cut before an extended trip to Southeast Asia. Listen, y'all — what I did wasn't brave. Thailand is very hot. Especially in July. I was just groping towards survival. And to be fair, he did a pretty decent job. Though, to be fair in another respect, I think you'd have to be fairly deliberate to do a poor job on someone's head with clippers. Those things are almost foolproof.

I know my 'lax 'tude about my hair isn't necessarily universal. Lots of my female friends regarded my clippers move with shock. "I could NEVER let *insert generic male name here* NEAR my head with scissors!" Well, I let my then-person and I survived. So did these women. Let's review.

There was certainly some hesitation. There were a few threats:


That's fair. Anyone who's ever lopped off a whole ponytail knows it doesn't make much for an even cut. The way the boys deflected was pretty endearing:


How did they fare? At least one wasn't so bad, but—


Oh, I forgot to mention. Both boys selected a celebrity style to model their creation off of. Pretty ambitious, for sure. Check out the entire adventure in hair world below:

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