Nicki Minaj & T. Swift Talk IRL, Like Adults

Remember in the olden days when you used to speak to someone either face to face or on the phone and, in turn, you'd hear their voice speaking back to you? Maybe we were onto something there. I mean, just ask revolutionaries Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, who spoke on the phone after their Twitter feud in a completely bold and almost unfathomable move. As we all know, calling is reserved for dire emergencies and conversations with your technologically inept mom. But maybe, just maybe speaking to another person and being able to articulate your feelings and voice your concerns is a better form of communication than an impulsive, heated 140 character jab.

Yes, I know that the two music mavens squashed their beef on Twitter before the phone call, but there is still just something so out of touch and cold about a tweet, however sincere it may be. Especially, in this instance, when the social media tiff at hand became a public spectacle. Sure, anyone could have apologized for the sake of keeping up appearances as they secretly seethed behind their computer screens, but for Minaj and Swift, that's not what it was about. The two genuinely wanted to make things better between them, and it had nothing to do with projecting a squeaky-clean public persona.

Minaj told Good Morning America on Friday,

I spoke to Taylor Swift yesterday on the phone. She was super, super sweet and she apologized. She said, "Look, you know I didn't understand the big picture of what you were saying, but now I get it, so we're all good."

All good, indeed. Because, GMA apparently upped the ante and asked Minaj if she'd work with Swift after all this. The rapper said,

I'm sure we can. You know why? Because it takes a big person to do what Taylor did, and everyone sometimes speaks out of turn, you know? I've been there. Sometimes we do things and we don't think right away or we don't investigate and then we just talk, so it was big of her to come out and say that. So yes, we spoke for a long time. We were cracking up laughing on the phone. It's over, you guys! And I love you guys for supporting me. Thank you so much. I would love to. Of course I would love to work with her.

Brevity is the soul of wit, so perhaps biting humor is one of only things that Twitter's character limit is good for. Considering that the rapper said she and Swift talked for an extended period of time makes it sound like there was a lot to be said and hashed out, or at least explained, that could not be done on the social media forum. When you need to address a real grievance, you can't be stifled by a red minus sign, and both ladies seem well aware of that. So for being real adults, talking it out, and putting the temporary ill will behind them, let's applaud both women.

They can finally, once and for all...

What can we gain from this wild social media ride? Well, definitely don't impulsively tweet at or favorite cruel things about another person. And maybe exercise your vocal chords and call your friends once in awhile.

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