A Helpful Timeline Of The Nicki/Taylor Feud

by Michelle McGahan

For the past three days, the Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Twitter feud has been an interesting and ubiquitous topic of conversation. Though the Twitter discussion brought up a lot of significant points about race and feminism (and this should not be discounted), things sometimes got a little confusing and messy, with various celebs jumping into the convo on purpose — and some even jumping in accidentally (looking at you, Kim Kardashian). Need help sorting things out? Simply look to the handy-dandy Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift feud timeline below.

While I’ll leave the finer details to the kickass graphic below, know that the whole thing started with Nicki Minaj dropping some serious truth bombs about race in the music industry. This led Taylor Swift to chime in and defend herself, mistakenly thinking that the rapper was targeting her (which, really, only Minaj to further emphasize her original point Minaj). As fans everywhere took sides, celebs like Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran staged their own VMAs Twitter battle, Meek Mill started dissing Drake, Kim Kardashian got confused, and Aaron Paul basically just wanted everyone to nom on some diner food. Eventually, even Katy Perry put in her two cents, but, in the end, Swift apologized to Minaj, Minaj accepted, and now things seem to have come to a close.

To see exactly how this all, very rapidly, went down, check out the comprehensive timeline below.

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle