14 Books That Are As Charming As Jane Austen’s Novels

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The first time I was introduced to Jane Austen was actually through reading the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies . I can remember racing through the story, thinking, “You know what would make this book even better? If there weren’t zombies!” I’m extremely terrified of zombies, and was in a phase when I was trying to desensitize myself, but instead of curing myself of the fear, I ended up introducing a whole new obsession: Jane Austen novels.

From Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy’s witty banter, to Emma Woodhouse’s constant matchmaking, to Catherine Morland’s belief that she’s in a book, Austen’s characters are consistently charming and relatable. There’s something about reading a story in which you know that everything will end happily (and no one will be eaten by a zombie) that warms the heart. Not to mention that Austen had some awesome feminist moments. Take that feminism, combined with her penchant for observing people and describing their quirks through witty, intelligent prose, while still creating fairy-tale endings, and you can see why Austen’s novels have withstood the test of time. The only problem is: there are just six of them.

So after you’ve read (and reread) all six, but you’re still yearning for more Jane Austen, check out some of these other charming books for something to read before you reread Pride and Prejudice for the 50th time. (Which you still should do, because that book is amazing).

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