'BB17's New Super-Alliance Is On A Mission

Alliances on Big Brother tend to work best with a small number of people. BB16's Bomb Squad alliance — nine people! — imploded pretty quickly once people discovered they had bigger problems inside the alliance than outside of it. However, of all the alliances on Big Brother 17, the eight-person "Dark Moon" super-alliance may be the best thing that could happen to the house at this juncture. The Dark Moon super-alliance was formed shortly after Audrey was evicted and was even named after a catchphrase of hers. Audrey would say "Dark Moon" to signify that someone was acting shady and was inspired by the infamous "New Moon With Face" emoji.

Dark Moon formed with one core mission: Evict Austin. They also have a "Final 8" deal to try and evict those who aren't in the Dark Moon alliance. Once Austin is evicted it's likely that Dark Moon will be no more, but for the time being, Dark Moon is currently the most powerful alliance in the house. (Especially since Austin's betrayal has brought the Sixth Sense to an end).

But who are the eight members of Dark Moon, and what is their plan to get Austin out?

Three's Company (Vanessa, Shelli, Clay)

Three's Company was formed from the ashes of Sixth Sense, much like a Phoenix rises, to evict creepy wrestlers wearing top hats from the Big Brother house. After Austin betrayed the trust of his alliance members Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay, the three of them formed their own alliance to keep each other safe and try and control the house. The three of them already have a record for making things go their way, so being a part of a super alliance isn't a bad idea. If Vanessa and Shelli can keep making their way to the HoH room, these three could ride Dark Moon to the final eight, and then ride Three's Company to the final three.

After Dark Crew (Meg, Jason, James)

A four-person alliance until they lost Jeff, the After Dark Crew haven't been playing the game nearly as hard as Sixth Sense was. After Dark Crew's main goal so far has just been trying to stay afloat, but it seems as though once they're in a position of power that they'll be ready to play.


Jackie has been called out by many as a floater, but it looks like that came to an end with her status as HoH. Jackie and Vanessa have been conspiring as co-HoH's to get Austin out, and Jackie is starting to make some big moves and put thought into who she's nominating. Hopefully, she can continue on this hot streak and start shaking up the house.


Becky is in an alliance! Becky doesn't seem to be too active in the happening of Dark Moon, but they did all decide that she is the "Light Sun" of the alliance! Any alliance with Becky is immediately the most entertaining alliance in the house, so this is great news for everybody.

How Are They Going To Get Rid Of Austin?

The plan so far is for one H0H (Vanessa) to put up two members of Dark Moon (Clay and Becky) and for the other HoH (Jackie) to nominate a Dark Moon member (James) and Liz/Julia. James intends to throw the Battle of the Block so that Vanessa is dethroned, making Clay and Becky safe. This will allow the PoV to be used on James of Liz/Julia so that Austin can be dethroned.

The only thing that could mess things up is for Austin to win POV. However, Austin thinks the plan this week is to backdoor Steve, so if Austin did win POV he would likely use it on Liz/Julia without realizing he is the true target.

It's a complicated strategy, but it could go down as one of the best plays this season if everything goes according to plan. If they can pull it off and stick together to the final eight, Dark Moon has the potential to go down as one of the best Big Brother Alliances in the history of the game.

Image: CBS