Life Lessons From Dana Scully

While it's crazy to realize that The X-Files has been off the air for more than 10 years now, what's even crazier is that I'm still just as in love with Dana Scully as I was back then. The FBI Special Agent and quirked eyebrow queen stole hearts everywhere with that killer red hair/blue eye combo and her eternal skepticism, and I was one of the willing victims. Scully was brilliantly smart, loyal, ambitious, and frustratingly (and occasionally hilariously) cynical. She was a conundrum, of sorts; a scientist and a dedicated Catholic, a woman capable of loving fiercely who kept her emotions under wraps. Simply put, Scully was heaven on earth, and I'm not the only one who felt that way. It's safe to say that I learned a lot from her, and those lessons have stayed with me even well into my adult years.

Without a doubt, part of what made Scully so memorable is the way Gillian Anderson played her so masterfully. She made Scully complex and contradictory, but also fiercely beautiful and unwavering in her quest for truth and justice. There were constantly new layers of her character to uncover, and that's part of what made her so amazing. But before I end up writing a thousand words about why Scully is so wonderful, let's concentrate on all the valuable lessons she taught us over the years.

Seeing Isn't Always Believing

One of the most hilarious (yet frustrating) things about Scully was her inability (or unwilling-ness) to believe things even when she'd seen them with her own eyes. Because her scientific background told her certain things were impossible, even seeing that they weren't wasn't always enough to convince her otherwise.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Scully was a woman of few words when it came to expressing her innermost feelings, but that doesn't mean she didn't feel deeply — she just preferred to show it the things she did rather than the words that came out ofher mouth. Isn't it better that way, anyway?

Love Is Complicated

It was clear to anyone with two eyes and a working brain that Mulder and Scully were soul mates pretty much from the off, though it took them both a while to realize it (and accept it). Given their circumstances, it wasn't necessarily easy to give in to the connection they shared, but somehow, at the end, they always made sure they had each other.

The FBI Has Nothing to Hide

I mean, of course not, right?

The Truth Can Cost You Everything

Mulder's crusade to uncover the truth behind his sister's abduction became Scully's crusade, too, and that crusade cost her plenty over the years — her sister's life, her health, and two children, to name just a few things. Finding and exposing the truth never comes without a price, and it might be more than anyone can afford to pay.

Sometimes You Find Happiness Where You Least Expect It

Things for Mulder and Scully were rarely simple or calm, and very often one or both of their lives were in danger on a daily basis. That's why the moments of levity they shared were so important: they were unexpected and important and gave them the strength to keep going through the hard stuff (of which there was plenty).

If You're Lucky Enough To Find Your Touchstone, Hold Onto Him/Her

Because why wouldn't you? Connections like that don't come along every day.

There Are Things In This World That Defy Logic

No matter how much you believe that science and logic can explain pretty much everything in life, there are some things that defy both and exist in ways that should be impossible. Sometimes you just have to accept things you don't understand and know that there are bigger things in the universe than any of us can conceive of in our tiny brains.

Never Perform An Autopsy On An Empty Stomach

You might end up wanting pizza, and that could turn out badly for everyone.

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