24 Signs You're Becoming Hanna Marin From 'PLL'

Pretty Little Liars fans are nothing if not devoted, and it's safe to say that lately, some of us have spent more time with Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer than we have with our own friends. A true super fan spends far more than one hour per week with the Liars — there are Tumblr (and Bustle!) theories to browse, quizzes to take, and episodes from prior seasons to re-watch in search of clues. It's inevitable that after logging so much time quality time with Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars , lusting after her boyfriend, and envying her wardrobe, you may slowly but surely turn into the most badass, yet underestimated, girl in the room.

But not to worry! I mean, who wouldn't want to be Hanna? She has killer style, a heart of gold, and she's one tough cookie. Hanna's way smarter than her friends give her credit for, and she always looks for the positive even when life deals her a bad hand — like, for example, having Tom Marin as a father (because apparently she needed another villain in her life besides A). During the darkest season yet, we've still been able to count on Hanna for moments of levity. So if you are turning into Hanna, you and your friends should rejoice! Don't believe me? Check out Bustle's PLL podcast for more on what makes Hanna the best.

In case you're still not entirely sure if you're ready to take the step of declaring yourself the new Hanna Marin, here are 24 signs the transformation is already in progress.

1. You stop worrying about someone overhearing you badmouth them — a true Hanna has no filter.

2. You suddenly find yourself developing kleptomaniac tendencies

3. You molt when you think too hard

4. You may have preferred flats before, but now, you wear three inches or you wear nothing

5. Meeting with a new therapist? You check out their shoes before looking into things like where they got their psychology degree

6. Everyone envies your style

7. ...and they envy your boyfriend even more (#HalebForever)

8. Your boyfriend disappears one day... only to reappear, never speak of it again, and develop a firefly following

9. You're not afraid to tell your significant other when they're smothering you and you need space

10. You tend to get hangry.

11. And you know cheese fries are the immediate cure for that

12. You handle break-ups by listening to sad songs on repeat and purging your closet of every item that reminds you of your ex

13. You know exactly how to handle authority figures.

14. Cyborg is pronounced "cyclops," thank you very much

15. You may not know what "perjury" means, but annoying girls named Lesli better not say it to you in a rude tone

16. You can even slay in a mugshot

17. But why is your mugshot being taken in the first place?! Clearly because you were framed. There are some downsides to being Hanna

18. You're the only member of your friend group who is super close with a parent

19. You dance like no one's watching

20. It's probably best if no one watches when you dance

21. You suddenly start referring to the SATs as the SCTs (acronyms are confusing)

22. But you still aced them, even if you were unclear about the test name

23. And you're actually way smarter than anyone, including your friends, gives you credit for

24. Which is kind of unfair, considering you pose some pretty deep questions.

So, what's the verdict? If you these things are happening to you, I want to be your new best friend — and not just so I can raid your wardrobe. Images: ABC Family (2); Giphy (6); prettylittleliars-11, sometimesiflyandfall/Tumblr