5 Secret Menu Items To Order At Taco Bell

Starbucks has one, McDonald’s has one, and you better believe your favorite burrito-slinging fast food joint has one too — Taco Bell has a secret menu, and you’re going to want to know about it the next time a nacho cheese craving hits. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, those cheese cravings hit more frequently than we’d like to admit.

So what can one expect to find on this secret menu, you ask? Whatever your taco-loving heart desires, pretty much. Like with most fast food restaurants that have “secret menus,” Taco Bell employees may not know exactly what you’re talking about if you flat-out ask for The Incredible Hulk with extra guac (read on — I promise that’s a real thing), but if you’re able to describe just exactly what you want folded up in your monster burrito, they should be able to do it, so long as they have the ingredients available.

Honestly, it’s surprising that Taco Bell's secret menu is even a secret at all. This is the place that brought you waffle tacos stuffed with eggs and bacon, and Cap'n Crunch Delight pastries coated with cereal and filled with icing. Taco Bell's official menu is practically made up of hacks.

But if you must order from the secret menu, do us all a favor — employees and fellow waiting patrons alike — explain what additions you'd like to make so you're not met with blank stares, and do it all with a smile. Below are five secret menu items you'd never think to order from Taco Bell, but totally should.

1. Enchirito

A flour tortilla stuffed with spicy beef, melty cheese, and warm beans is what dreams are made of. Top it off with Taco Bell's red sauce and more cheese, and you have yourself an Enchirito.

2. Double-Grilled Quesadilla

Who wants a soggy quesadilla? Ensure your chicken or steak quesadilla is at its optimal crispness by requesting that it be grilled for twice as long. Have you ever tasted double-fried French fries? Exactly.

3. The Incredible Hulk

This is a monster of a burrito. Take Taco Bell's Beefy Five-Layer Burrito, and substitute the nacho cheese sauce with guacamole, and then make it Fresco, with diced onions and pico de gallo. You're welcome.

4. Cheesarito

Looking for a light snack? Ha, just kidding — this is Taco Bell. But a cheesarito, made with a flour tortilla, melted cheese, and taco sauce, will satisfy the lightest of cravings when you need that Taco Bell fix.

5. Lava Sauce

You knew this secret menu item was coming, right? Almost every fast food establishment has a secret sauce, and Taco Bell is no different with this spicy nacho cheese sauce. You can add it to anything, and it's the perfect topping for tacos, Cantina Power Bowls, and Fiesta Taco Salads.

Images: James/Flickr