These Female Special Olympics Athletes Rock

First Lady Michelle Obama used her powerful, gorgeous arms to open the Special Olympic World Games 2015 in Los Angeles with a celebratory cheer. And FLOTUS should be doing nothing but cheering this year's line-up. Athletes from 165 different countries have come to compete in the nine-day event. Beginning on July 25 and ending Aug. 2, the games will feature events from basketball, tennis, bocce ball, European football, swimming, and more. And Obama wasn't the only bad-ass lady in the crowd that day. In fact, she was one of hundreds — just take a look at this year's female Special Olympics athletes.

Of the women competing this year, there are so many impressive women to fan-girl over. Even if you're not into sports, these athletes might just get you in the sports mood for the next week or so. From racket head-to-heads to water races, holy Michelle Obama's arms!, these women are powerhouses.

Let's take a look at six incredible female Special Olympic athletes. And remember, you can support any of them by going to the Special Olympics website. Get your wallets ready and start official fan clubs because each of these women — and those not on this list — deserve all of your dollars and love.

Fabiola Aceves, Tennis Player

After watching this Montclair, California, athlete kill the tennis court, you won't mind the residual whiplash that follows a good match. Aceves, 27, took first place at the fall games last November, according to the Special Olympics website.

Lisa Berlin, Equestrian

The 48-year-old equestrian hails from Telford, Pennsylvania, where she has been a rider at Ivy Hill Equestrian Center since 2009, according to the riding center's website. She is one of three Pennsylvania-native riders chosen to compete in this year's games, according to Ivy Hill. She will be competing in the Walk-Trot division. Look out for this athlete as she makes her rounds in the arena.

Wynter Gazzerro, Gymnast

This gymnast will turn heads like Carly Patterson. The 34-year-old Great Falls, Montana, native has been competing in the gymnastics world for years. But according to the Independent Record, Gazzerro is one versatile all-star. She's done bowling, skiing, basketball, swimming and track. After reading that list, it's time for a good long rest.

Alicia Gogue, Cyclist

The 31-year-old cyclist is a veteran of the games, so she obviously knows what she's doing. From Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Gogue competes in a variety of sports year-round, according to the Special Olympics website. Gogue told the site that she used to be worried that she didn't have what it took to succeed. But clearly, the 15-year seasoned athlete didn't know that she would have ;quite the storied career.

Amber Kaslar, Golfer

Kaslar, 25, might turn your polite golf clap into roaring applause as she takes the course this year. According to the Alta California Regional Center's website, she has been competing in the games for 10 years, but this year, she focused on training for golf. The website reported the Sacramento area native has been perfecting her golf game for seven years, but this is her first time at the world games, according to the website. So, take note and watch out for Kaslar's stellar swing.

Cherice Medina, Softball Player

The Santa Maria, California, 22-year-old softball star grew up in a household with a lot of athletes, and she picked right up on the family trend, according to the Special Olympics website. Medina is also a member of the Santa Maria 9ers, which mostly has male players, according to the Santa Maria-based blog The Salt. Look out for this rock star, who summed up the Special Olympics experience best when she told The Salt: "It's just to have fun and try your best."

These are just a few of the names you'll see when you follow this year's Special Olympics. Take a look at the full roster at and get ready to fall in love with your favorite superstars.

Images: Special Olympics World Games 2015