'I Am Cait' Introduces LGBT Ally Susan P. Landon

In Sunday night's series premiere of I Am Cait, viewers saw members of Caitlyn Jenner's family "meet" her for the first time, in her words, as they had previously known her as Bruce. However, those were not the only introductions made, as Caitlyn's various friends and supporters, many of whom were not previously public figures, joined her on E!. One of those supporters seen on I Am Cait was Susan P. Landon, who Variety reported will also be consulting on the show, and she's the perfect person to appear both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Landon is the Child and Adolescent Program Director of the Los Angeles Gender Center (LAGC), and has worked as a therapist for families with a special focus on gender diversity. In her biography from the LAGC, Landon writes describes her goal as follows.

In our society, it is not easy to understand or find room for gender diversity. Anatomy has been culture’s mandate for whom children should grow up to be. If they are not willing or able to follow these rules, they are often misunderstood. Rather than be true to their deepest feelings, they are asked to cooperate with what is expected. As Director of the Child and Adolescent Program I am dedicated to changing this. It is important for families to have accurate information about gender diversity and gender expression. When they know that the feelings their children are expressing are perfectly normal, they can feel safe and supported. Together we will be able to find a path that is best for their children and for them.

While Caitlyn is an adult, Landon's background working with families should be invaluable to a series that not only focuses on Caitlyn's experiences with her own children, but will very likely inspire young transgender people who watch I Am Cait. I'm sure Landon's work as a consultant will help shape I Am Cait into a force of immense good — I just hope we get to see more of her advice and expertise on screen every week, in her own words.

Image: NBCUniversal