Austin Targets Julia On BB17

Austin, what are you even thinking right now? You know what, I take that back. You're clearly not thinking otherwise you'd understand what a terrible idea it is to go after one of the twins! It's widely known that Austin likes Liz on Big Brother. He flirts with her, he puts the moves on her, he totally ignores the fact that he has a girlfriend for her. It's very clear (and a little creepy) that she is his main alliance. It's also very clear that Austin does not like Liz's twin sister Julia, calling her 'the other one' and generally resenting the days that she swaps back into the house as the Liz stand in. Unfortunately his feelings for Liz are clearly getting in the way of his competitive edge as Austin is now working to get Julia kicked off Big Brother.

Austin has officially gone rouge, deciding that the best thing for him would be to try and keep Julia out of the house. He even went and told Jason that if people have to target them (meaning the twins) he was fine with that if it meant keeping her out of the house. Super bad idea, even if I can kind of see his logic. If Julia comes into the house full time, Liz will have an alliance with her that is way stronger then their bond (womb-mate before roommate, if you will) so he's going all out to keep that from happening. Unfortunately, his double dealings have ruined his relationship with Vanessa as she figured out he has been holding back information, and trying to run side plans on his own.

Since Vanessa is like, running this game right now, it's a pretty back time for Austin to piss her off. Vanessa now has a new alliance (#teamdarkmoon, because why on earth not?) who are all working together to backdoor Austin at the elimination next week. Since his efforts failed and Julia will now be in the house full time starting next week, I think it's safe to say his is in a heck of a lot of trouble.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS