Which Twin Likes Austin On 'Big Brother 17'?

by Emily Lackey

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag when it comes to the Twin Twist. On Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother, Liz revealed that she is a twin to a number of the house guests. Or, I mean, Julia did. Because it was Julia playing Liz who confessed to Austin, Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay that she and her sister have been switching back and forth every three days without the houseguests knowing. Confused? Well, imagine what it would be like if you were starting to fall for one of these girls. In fact, which twin is Austin in a showmance with?

Poor Austin, who has been talking somewhat discreetly about how much he likes and cares for Liz, was surprised and confused when Julia told him that the girl he has been crushing on is actually two girls. As if having a crush on someone weren’t hard enough as it is, imagine if it turned out that there were another person half the time? I guess that would explain the moodiness and lack of interest though. And that’s kind of where it stands for Austin now. In talking about the twist with Jeff, they both agreed that one of the twins is into Austin and the other one is not. (Although poor delusional Jeff thinks the other one is into him. Come back to reality, Jeff.)

So which twin is Austin falling for? It’s actually really hard to tell. More difficult than telling the two twins apart, that’s for sure. Because Austin has been keeping this budding showmance on the DL, holding his cards close to his chest and not letting anyone in, it’s really unclear which one he’s been developing feelings for. In fact, he’s ben so undercover about it, that the livefeeds and the broadcast show has barely touched on it.

Thankfully we do have a few clues. Like when Liz busted into the HoH suite after switching out with Julia and tackled Austin to the bed. That kind of physical affection is a huge indication that something is happening between Liz and Austin that the cameras may not be catching. It’s bound to mean something, right? But does that sort of closeness suggest romance, or maybe just a really tight friendship? I don’t necessarily tackle men that I have crushes on, even though I TOTALLY may want to.

So, then, is it Julia?

Could be. Another tidbit revealed on Sunday night’s episode as the houseguests were discussing the twin twist: The fact that Julia works out a ton, and Liz does not. And whom does Julia work out with? AUSTIN, OF COURSE. Considering the fact that Austin is a health expert with his own fitness blog outside of the Big Brother house, getting to know a girl who loves to work out just as much as he does is probably a huge turn on for him. I could totally see him falling hard for Julia based on their shared interests alone.

Now that the twins are being open about who they are apart from each other — and now that I am starting to be able to tell them apart — it’s the perfect time to try to figure out which one is the one Austin is into. I’m going to be watching closely for any signs one way or the other, but I totally have my money on it being Liz. I just hope Austin can keep their names straight and avoid any potential awkwardness with this reveal.

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Image: CBS (4); Giphy