Britt & Brady Weren't Built To Last

Sadly, it was recently announced that The Bachelorette 's own Britt Nilsson and Brady Troops broke up. Hearts were broken, tears were shed — and that was just for the viewers. But, as much as I wanted to see these two kids make it, there were signs that Britt and Brady weren't going to last very long as a couple. At least we'll always have those special moments they spent on The Bachelorette — their first meeting, when Brady valiantly left the show to be with Britt, and the updates of them running on beaches and awkwardly meeting Britt's mom.

Though the Britt and Brady updates lasted far into the show, in reality, Britt and Brady's bliss ended soon after it began. "Everything on paper was perfect," Nilsson said. "But, we didn't have that connection I was looking for. That was a hard conclusion." And, Brady told People magazine: "What I felt for Britt was true and deep. I'm sad it didn't work out."

It's too bad these lovebirds are no more, because they pretty much had the perfect modern love story: Guy quits reality TV show to be with the gal who got eliminated, guy and gal fall for each other, and their kids can see the footage of mommy and daddy's journey to love for years to come.

Alas, Britt and Brady weren't meant to be and it was apparent from the start. Here are the signs that they just weren't made to last.

1. They Didn't Have A Couple Portmanteau

Brady pointed this out on an Instagram post recently. "We had no real celebrity couple mashup name," he wrote. "Britt(y), Brad(itt). See, there was almost no chance. This was probably the beginning of the end when we realized this." Not everyone can be a Brangelina.

2. The Long Distance Thing

Brady is based in Nashville and Britt lives in Los Angeles. That's a far drive/airplane ride so early in a young relationship. Sure, they agreed to go long distance in a Bachelorette update, but it doesn't seem like they were able to make it work.

3. They Have Opposite Personalities

Britt told People that Brady and her had opposite temperaments. "He's more of an introvert and I'm an extrovert," she told the publication. "I'm just more loud and outgoing and I'm always on the go. Brady's a little bit more meditative. We weren't fed by the same things."

4. But, What They Had In Common Didn't Work, Either

What they did have in common wasn't going to work in the long term, according to Brady. "Britt is afraid of heights, and not only am I afraid of heights, but I'm actually afraid of her being afraid of heights," he joked on Instagram. "That obviously couldn't work."

5. Britt's Mom Thought They Were Just Friends

In this clip, Britt takes Brady to meet her mom, who kept saying Brady was a nice friend to have. I guess Britt's momma was able to see the lack of spark right away.

6. They Moved So Fast

The rush of new love is amazing. You want to spend as much time together and just take each other in and talk all night. According to the above Bachelorette update, Britt and Brady declared themselves "official" only after a little over a week. It was a bit rushed, don't you think?

7. It Was Just Too Perfect

Unfortunately, real life isn't like the movies and TV, where relationships can begin with the meet-cute and continue with a perfectly curated adventure. Real life is messy and imperfect and sometimes the perfect person for us on paper just doesn't work out in reality.

It was good while it lasted though.

Image: Screengrab/ABC