Will Drake Return To The 'Degrassi' Finale? Jimmy Brooks Was Destined For Greatness

I'm happy to say that the day has come where I no longer associate Drake with Jimmy Brooks, his Degrassi character. Back when the show debuted on The N (which became Teen Nick) in 2001, the superstar rapper was known as Aubrey Graham, a Canadian actor whose middle name was Drake. Sometimes I ask myself if Drake would ever consider returning to the role of Jimmy, especially since the Degrassi: The Next Generation finale airs Friday night. But then I remember that when he discussed leaving the show with Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi, Drake said, "it was an upsetting time for me."

"We all kind of came in, the names on the dressing rooms were changed," Drake explained on the radio show. "They were making a complete changeover. They were starting over with new, younger kids. From there I was just like I remember telling my mom I was going to tell my agent I was going to probably take a break and see where this music thing takes me." And it's taken him very far. Since his departure from the Canadian teen soap, Drake has become a megastar with hit songs. However, he's also been spotted hanging out with former co-star Shane Kippel, who played Jimmy's BFF Spinner. Drake doesn't seem to have any ill will with the show — and he even references Jimmy in his lyrics — but considering just how hugely popular he is, and how busy his rap career keeps him, I doubt he's had time to film a cameo. So sorry Jimmy fans, but a surprise finale appearance is not likely.

Of course, we can always imagine what happened to Jimmy Brooks, even if we never see that future on Degrassi, and I have a feeling he would be doing just fine.

He Marries Trina & They're Very Happy Together

In one of Jimmy's final scenes on the show, he tells Spinner that he wants to propose to Trina, his new love from physical therapy. My hope is that these two lovebirds get married and they have a wonderful and stable marriage. It's everything opposite of what Jimmy's relationships with Ashley and Hazel were.

He Eventually Does Attend & Graduate From Hudson University/NYU

Jimmy expressed interest in attending NYU (which was then changed to Hudson U) to study law and he was even accepted, but then he decides to forgo the acceptance for stem cell surgery. I think Jimmy does eventually end up at his dream school for law and he even graduates with honors — he's always been that driven kind of guy.

He Would Become A Lawyer, Just Like He Wanted To

I could see Jimmy going straight to law school after college and even getting recruited by one of NYC's top law firms, where he'll specialize in health law and malpractice.

He Avoids Ashley When She Shows Up On His Doorstep

Ashley and Jimmy have had their good times and their bad — the latter of which mostly consisted of Ashley sabotaging his life. One night, Ashley shows up on Jimmy and Trina's doorstep. Once again, she declares that she's made a mistake — Craig isn't the one for her anymore (again). Instead of doubting his happiness with Trina, I would hope that Jimmy closes the door and doesn't look back.

He Has The Same Reaction We All Did To Emma & Spinner Getting Married

XxIlianaMedinaxX on YouTube

I still can't get over that Spinner and Emma are married. Spinner and Emma got married! Remember when she did that farting science project on him? Well, now they're married! Spinner would tell this to Jimmy over coffee one day and I think Jimmy would be just as shocked as we all are. Spinner and Emma are married?!

He Still Raps In His Freetime

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Jimmy Brooks is a lawyer by day and rapper by night. Soon, he begins gaining notoriety as a rapper in NYC. Drake better watch out — this Jimmy kid is pretty good, too.

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