5 Pedicures Ideas That Give Big Cancer Season Energy

Embrace the zodiac sign’s ocean-inspired vibe.

Cancer season — which is from June 22 to July 22 — happens to coincide with the beginning of beach season. In many ways, that annual call to the ocean is a reflection of the the water sign’s reign, and their overall vibe can often take cues from the sea, too.

Represented by the crab, Cancers tend to be deeply emotional, protective of their environments, loyal, and very caring. They’re also ruled by moon — which is a major point of inspiration, especially for their nail color and art preferences.

Aside from beautifully holographic polish finishes that are reminiscent of moonlit evenings, Cancers are drawn to shades of silver, and even soft coral colors (that nod to their crab symbol). What’s more, given that the zodiac sign’s birthstone is a pearl, they not only love pretty pearl adornments, but also appreciate a pearlescent mani/pedi moment that shimmers in the light.

Whether your sun is in Cancer, have any Cancer placements (especially your Venus sign), or just want to celebrate Cancer season in (pearly, aquatic) style here are five pedicure ideas that are perfect for the water sign’s season ahead.

Beach-Ready Pastel Coral

For those who prefer a pop of color on their toes, a shade of pastel coral polish is perfect for barefoot beach days and sandal-clad evenings.

Moonlit Holographic Toes

In honor of Cancer’s connection with the moon, try adorning your toes in a pretty holographic pedicure that looks like magical moonlight.

Subtle Silver Flecks

Take your next neutral-polished pedicure to the next level with jewelry-inspired silver flecks that honor the emotional water sign’s vibe.

Pearl-Glazed Pedicure

Inspired by the glazed sheen of a precious pearl (which, of course, is the water sign’s birthstone), this iridescent chrome pedi is an effortless go-to.

Sultry Silver Glitter

It’s no secret that those with Cancer placements love silver tones, and this deep and sultry gunmetal pedicure is sure to sparkle for the season ahead.