12 Moody, Imaginative Nail Art Ideas That Are Perfect For Cancer Season

It’s the water sign’s time to reign.

Now that Geminis have had their main character moment, it’s time for Cancers to shine — and June 21 through July 22, the stars are on their side.

Unlike curious, intelligent, and extroverted Geminis, Cancers are known for their caring personalities, innate loyalty, and deep emotions. Ruled by the moon, which owns emotion and intuition, Cancers are also beloved for their highly intuitive nature.

The sign is represented by the crab, which not only relates to its water element, but is also a nod to Cancers’ love (and fierce protectiveness) for their environments and personal space. As for a few famed Cancerians: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Princess Diana, Margot Robbie, Khloé Kardashian, and even the fictitious Eleven from Stranger Things are all members of the summertime sign.

When it comes to manicures, Cancers take a lot of inspiration from the moon — meaning silver, blue, white, and space-inspired polish colors reign supreme. And because pearls and moonstones are their power crystals, they’ll likely love pearlescent “oyster nails” trend that’s been buzzing lately.

Keep scrolling for 12 moody, imaginative manicure that will help you celebrate Cancer season in (astrological) style.

Pearly Oyster Nails

Not only is this mermaidcore mani a direct reference to the sea, but the pearly finish of these oyster nails are reminiscent of Cancers’ oceanic birthstone.

3D Baby Blue Seashell Art

Yet another ocean-inspired set, these pale-blue-and-white nails are a true work of 3D art that turn your tips into real-life seashells.

Soft Girl Butter Yellow French Tips

At their core, Cancers are incredibly loving and emotional, which means they’d gravitate toward a “soft girl” polish like this butter yellow.

Pretty Pool Water Nail Art

“Pool water” nail art is a total vibe for the hot summer months, and the combination of light blue polish and watery detailing make it perfect for Cancer SZN, too.

Elegant White Roses

White roses are the official birth flower of Cancer zodiac signs, and these elegant, detailed floral designs allow you to show it off with pride.

Holographic Mannequin Mani

For mani minimalists who want to add a bit of Cancer flare to their nails, try adorning a neutral “mannequin manicure” with an otherworldly holographic top coat.

3D Water Drop Details

Vibrant blue aura nails are made all the more Cancer-appropriate with crystal clear 3D accents that look like water droplets.

Minimal Celestial Stars

No matter what your zodiac sign is, silver celestial stars painted on top of sheer pink polish are always a vibe — during Cancer season and beyond.

Moonlit Velvet Silver

Inspired by the light of a bright full moon, these silver-toned nails with a cool velvet texture give off big Cancerian energy.

Blue Chrome Frenchies

For those looking to add a touch of modernity to their nostalgic French manis, try adorning each tip with blue chrome polish and some itty bitty pearls.

Coquette Ribbons And Pearls

Those with Cancer placements are known to be sensitive and sweet, making the still-trending coquette ribbon motif a perfect match.

Vibrant Two-Toned Chrome

If you’re a fan of the celeb-loved chrome manicure trend, try giving your next set a Cancer-inspired refresh with aqua blue and vibrant green polish shades.