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This Bouncy Overnight Mask Feels Like A Hug For Your Skin

It also claims to help you fake two nights of sleep in one.

Courtesy of Estée Lauder
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A good night's sleep is essential for healthy skin, but getting those ideal eight hours of beauty rest can often feel out of reach. Whether you’re enticed by the latest bingeworthy shows (season 3 of The Bear, anyone?) or are a natural night owl, late nights can wreak serious havoc on your skin. Puffy faces, dark under-eye circles, and dull complexions are clear indicators that you’ve sacrificed sleep for nighttime indulgences (we’ve all been there).

During those restless nights, your skin's barrier protection is also at its weakest — unlike the daytime, when it serves as a shield against environmental aggressors, at night, moisture can evaporate from your skin, leaving you with a drab and dull appearance by morning. The evening is also when your skin shifts into recovery mode, repairing damage and regenerating new cells in response to daily stressors like UV radiation, blue light, pollution, and extreme temperature changes.

There's no shortage of skin care remedies to counteract the toll of sleepless nights: night creams, serums, and eye masks are just a few of the products designed to keep your skin glowing and youthful as you get some R&R. But for those seeking an alternative to a 10-step nighttime routine, consider an overnight face mask your go-to solution. Enter: Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Overnight Treatment, the latest gem in the brand’s Advanced Night Repair lineup. The brand has over 40 years of night science expertise, and this overnight mask promises to do the hard work while you sleep. Read on for more details.

The Technology

Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Overnight Treatment touts itself for delivering “two nights of sleep in one,” which feels like a grandiose claim, but the brand backs it up with some impressive stats. According to a study, participants saw a 58% increase in moisture, a fortified barrier boosted by 40%, and a complexion that feels 13% smoother. The magic’s in the formula — using an ingredient called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), along with succinic acid and artemia extract, Estée Lauder created something called ATPower™ Technology to bring energy to skin cells and reinvigorate them. Other standout ingredients include a 13% lipid infusion made with shea and cocoa butters that feel like they cocoon your skin in moisture, and high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids for a dewy, plumping effect.

Beyond the ingredients, the most unique part of this mask is undeniably the texture and feel. The brand used a precision heat and cooling technology to create a mask that goes from solid to balm to liquid in one use. At first, it’s firm — like a slightly-bouncy stick of butter. But as you scoop out the mask and massage it into your face, it melts into an oil-like balm that magically sinks in for a second-skin effect, cocooning your skin in a cushiony veil. Bustle’s Executive Beauty Director Faith Xue is a fan of the mask, calling it a “nighttime essential” ever since she started using it a few weeks ago. “Using this overnight mask feels like the ultimate indulgence every time,” she says. “The texture is like nothing I’ve ever used before, like a hug for my skin, and it’s a sensorial experience that leaves my skin looking so bouncy and soft in the morning.”

If you’re looking for a skin care soulmate for your #sleepygirlmocktail, this buttery, bouncy overnight mask might just be it.