Mallory Chain

Mallory Chain is the Beauty Editorial intern for Bustle Digital Group, driven by a passion for exploring the intersections of fashion, beauty, wellness, and culture. Currently sharpening her skills at BDG, Mallory combines a flair for writing with a deep-seated curiosity for uncovering the next big trends in the fashion and beauty industries. She is committed to crafting compelling content that resonates with readers and refining her editorial prowess under the mentorship of industry experts.

Prior to joining Bustle, Mallory had experience working as a PR & Marketing intern for elite designers, such as Christian Cowan and Karolina Zmarlak, gaining a newfound appreciation for the power of strategic communication in shaping brand narratives and fostering meaningful connections with audiences. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2023.

When she’s not at the computer, she loves hitting the thrift stores scattered all over New York, updating her Tumblr blog, or grabbing her fave guilty pleasure drinks — milk boba tea and lavender matcha.

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Alicia Keys Will Now Read You Daily Affirmations In Your Home

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