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Alicia Keys Will Now Read You Daily Affirmations In Your Home

“Alexa, give me an affirmation.”

Portrait of a Alicia Keys with her head held high, wearing hoop earrings and a yellow top, against a...

Yes, you read that right. The renowned singer's holistic beauty and skin care brand, Keys Soulcare, has recently partnered with Amazon Alexa to make your manifesting goals even easier. The new custom Keys Soulcare Alexa theme is an exclusive offer for new and existing Echo customers that infuses a soulful twist to your everyday Alexa interactions.

“With our new Alexa experience, we’re bringing the philosophy of Keys Soulcare and infusing it into people’s daily lives, helping them to create empowering beauty rituals that nurture their whole selves,” says Alicia Keys. “There is so much power in a voice — I am filled with gratitude to connect with Alexa users in this special way.”

With Alicia Keys at the helm, this new endeavor invites the brand’s community to engage with Keys Soulcare’s core philosophy of nurturing the complete self — internally and externally, from skin and soul — by welcoming Keys (or, her voice at least) into their homes and daily lives.

Keys Soulcare x Amazon Alexa Theme

To activate the Keys Soulcare theme on Echo devices, Alexa customers can say, “Alexa, enable the Keys Soulcare theme.” Once enabled, you’ll be immersed in the Keys Soulcare world, which focuses on wellness as the foundation for beauty that emanates both inward and outward.

The interactive Alexa experience seamlessly integrates familiar technology into users’ daily routines — aka, no more scrolling YouTube for morning mantras and affirmations. With this new feature, you’ll get personalized inspiration, education, and engaging content imbued with love, light, and soul care, including:

· Uplifting Affirmations: Simply ask, "Alexa, give me an affirmation," to receive kind words inspired by Alicia's soul care rituals. Each Keys Soulcare product features a personally crafted affirmation by Alicia, designed to inspire and empower.

· Soulcare Beauty & Skincare Tips: Ask Alexa for a “soul care tip” to receive insider advice on nourishing your skin and nurturing your soul, straight from Alicia Keys and her community.

· Skincare Ritual Finder Quiz: Utilize the personalized quiz by asking, "Alexa, find my skincare ritual," to create a customized soul care routine tailored with Keys Soulcare products.

If you’ve been eyeing an Echo or have been looking for a reason to seamlessly add more intention and positivity into your life, this might just be your sign — and if you don’t believe us, take it from Alicia Keys.