13 Cookbooks By Bake Off Stars That Are Packed Full Of Showstoppers

Ready, set, BAKE!

by Aoife Hanna and Sam Ramsden
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You can never have too many books. And when it comes to cookbooks, the sky is the actual limit. Especially considering the huge volume of options out there. The last few decades has seen celebrity chefs on the rise, and thank goodness for that. Because with them came the celebrity chef cookbooks. And who isn't all for making show-stopping recipes to show off to friends? Or, I mean, at least attempting to make then? Or, OK, real talk, maybe just flicking through and going "oooo" at? TV chefs are churning them out a mile a minute, so choosing the best cookbooks from Great British Bake Off stars is actually pretty difficult. But I've done my best to select the top 12, which you can find below.

Of course not only winners of the GBBO gong have made books. Other contestants and of course judges have produced some world class cookery books too. And honestly with the array of incredible talent out there, you can low key take your pick. And guys, it isn't all about baking.

I guess the only things for you to consider ahead of taking the plunge and buying one of these volumes is: will you use them? How many cookbooks is too many cookbooks? Oh, and, who cares? You're an adult. Lean in to cookbook hoarding and ready, set, BAKE!


'Comfort: Food To Soothe The Soul' — John Whaite

John Whaite was the winner of the third season of the show. He won not only the competition but also the adoration of thousands of fans.

This cookbook does exactly what it says on the tin. Offering up yummy, comforting meals to make at home.

Described as a "collection of creative, comforting recipes that bring warmth and contentment," this book is an ideal companion for any home cook.

Chapters are divided by comfort cravings and include scrumptious recipes like breakfast ramen, devil curry, and crab & sriracha mac'n'cheese.

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'Time To Eat' — Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya Hussain is one of GBBO's most beloved winners. She has had hit TV shows of her own, as well as writing cookbooks, children's books, and a memoir. She has also been outspoken about mental health and her experiences with anxiety. Yeah, so the woman is a legend. But y'all, her food. Wow.

This book has all sorts of recipes in it and, as a busy business and family woman, she makes considerations for different situations. For example, there are meals for when it's mid week and you're in a mad rush. Lots of time-saving tips. But also meals to cook on a lazy Sunday. Which, if you're into cooking, is actual bliss.

Recipes include creamy marinara chicken, prawn Malay rice, and savoury French toast.

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'Flavour: Eat What You Love' — Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh won back in 2013 and has become not only an enormously influential food writer but also a voice for those who suffer with eating disorders.

Tandoh's meteoric rise has included this book, which is absolutely bloody marvellous. The book focuses on robust flavours and is extra special in my opinion because it categorises via ingredient. Meaning utilising what you have and avoiding food waste.

Recipes include Ghanaian groundnut chicken stew, hot and sour lentil soup, and blueberry fritter donuts. Ugh, and now I'm drooling.

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'The Cardamom Trail: Chetna Bakes with Flavours of the East' — Chetna Makan

Chetna Makan starred on GBBO in 2014 and brought a super fresh, flavoursome, and bold take on the competition's challenges.

The Cardamom Trail is all about Makan baking with the flavours and ingredients of her Indian heritage. Recipes include puff pastry bites filled with fenugreek paneer, a swirly bread rolled with citrusy coriander, and mint and green mango chutney.

Good enough to eat all in one go, am I right?

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'Mary Berry: Fool Proof Cooking' — Mary Berry

To quote my wonderful mum, "Mary Berry's recipes just work." And, like most things, mum is absolutely right on this one.

I have lots of Berry's cookbooks but this one is an excellent jaunt into her kitchen, filled with fail-safe meal ideas to spoil your friends, your family, and, of course, yourself with.

Recipes include classics, new ideas, and of course cakes to satisfy even the sweetest of teeth.

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'Patisserie Made Simple: From Macaron To Millefeuille & More' — Edd Kimber

Edd Kimber was the first winner ever of the show and his book is ideal for anybody who feels super inspired by the series and wants to impress.

Making the finickity seem totally doable, this book has treats for all sorts of occasions. Which will make you feel like the hottest pastry chef in the fanciest hotel.

The recipes included are the likes of eclairs, canneles, cherry clafoutis, and bouche de Noel.

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'Crave: Brilliantly Indulgent Recipes' — Martha Collison

Martha Collison was on the show in 2014 aged only 17. Despite being the youngest contestant ever, she proved that age is but a number. And that talent shines through for itself. She has gone on to be an excellent food writer and chef.

In her cookbook Crave, Collison goes into recipes incorporating eight things that are often so desired: spice, citrus, nuts, caramel, alcohol, fruit, chocolate, and, of course, CHEESE.

Including instant recipes and ones that take a little time, this book is ideal for last-minute recipe ideas.

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‘Nadiya Bakes’ — Nadiya Hussain

Released alongside her brand new BBC series of the same name, Nadiya Bakes focuses on Hussain’s “first true love” of all things baking. In the best-selling book, readers will discover all the mouth-watering recipes featured in the accompanying TV series, and learn all the delicious secrets behind Nadiya’s show-stopping desserts, breads, savoury bakes, and much more.

Recipes include mango and coconut cake, peppercorn pull apart bread, and pink peppercorn pithivier.

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‘Prue: My All-time Favourite Recipes’ — Prue Leith

The Bake Off judge’s first cookbook in 25 years centres around her life-long passion for food, with 100 mouth-watering recipes to choose from. These include speedy suppers, dinner party favourites, and much, much more — all of which ensure you’ll find the perfect dish for every occasion.

Recipes include Halibut with Green Linguine, Fast Roast Teriyaki Lamb, and Slow-cooked Rat-a-tat-touille.

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‘My First Cook Book: Bake, Make and Learn to Cook’ — David Atherton

The 2019 Bake Off winner’s first release features easy-to-follow recipes that aims to inspire readers in the kitchen and beyond. Complete with beautiful illustrations, the book features everything from quick desserts to delicious bakes, and is described as both an essential and timeless introduction to cookery.

Recipes include Victoria sandwich buns, veggie hotdogs, and banana bear pancakes.

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‘Paul Hollywood's British Baking’ — Paul Hollywood

Taking inspiration from across Britain, the Bake Off veteran offers a charming selection of baked delights. Readers can look forward to all the secrets and kitchen tips behind Hollywood’s favourite recipes, all of which are accompanied by stunning visuals.

Recipes include fresh cherry cake, plum bread, and baked Somerset brie.

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‘The Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends and Family’ — Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Series 8 & 9 Bake Off Contestants

Featuring over 100 delectable recipes from the Bake Off judges themselves, and some of our favourite contestants from years gone by, this mammoth release encourages aspiring bakers of all abilities to have a go at creating these mouth-watering sweet and savoury treats at home.

Recipes include sticky toffee apple caramel cake, hot chocolate cake, and stem ginger cake.

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‘Peter Bakes’ - Peter Sawkins

The most recent winner of Bake Off, Peter Sawkins took home the crown in the 2020 series, and actually became the youngest ever contestant to do so at just 20. Pretty impressive, huh?

Naturally, the baker has written his first cookbook — and it’s certainly not one to be missed. Sawkins shares super easy-to-follow recipes in the book, from his Cranachan Cake and Christmas Croquembouche ,to Apple Galette and Mini Carrot Cakes, and offers gluten-free options for all.

The book is currently on pre-order, and will be available in October 2021. You can even currently pick up a signed copy via the publisher’s website.

Pre-order here.

With all these to choose from, you'll be a top chef before you know it.

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