Harry Potter's Childhood Home Is On Airbnb & It's Not Even Expensive

The De Vere House, a Lavenham, UK residence that served as Harry Potter's childhood home, is now ava...
Courtesy of Kallista Leonardos/Airbnb

Sure, you can't apparate to your next vacation destination, but you can at least pretend that you're not a Muggle and that your Hogwarts letter is coming any day now when you stay in The De Vere House, a Lavenham, UK residence that served as Harry Potter's childhood home, now available on Airbnb. The property is even open to longterm stays, so you can live out your Harry Potter dreams for a whole month.

Formerly a bed and breakfast, the De Vere House has recently reopened to accommodate Potter fans from around the world. It isn't the only Harry Potter-themed Airbnb available for booking, but it does have the distinction of being the "face" of Harry's on-screen childhood. Appearing in the blockbuster film series, the De Vere House represented the home of James and Lily Potter, where Harry spent the first year of his life. (No, this isn't the home of the Dudleys, with the cupboard under the stairs.)

Not only will you be staying in Harry Potter's childhood home, but you'll also find yourself surrounded by tons of history, related to both the UK in general and Potter in particular. Lavenham, after all, is the real-life setting of Godric's Hollow from the Harry Potter films.

Courtesy of Airbnb

For my fellow HGTV nerds, here's the skinny on the property. The De Vere House is an eclectic place, featuring Hogwarts-worthy four-posters in the bedrooms and a blue couch — perfect for Ravenclaws — in the bohemian reading room. Guests have their own private entrance, as well as a private sitting area with a working fireplace and courtyard garden. Unfortunately, "due to the age and layout of the house," the property is "[n]ot suitable for pets, children or those with mobility problems," according to the listing.

If you're still interested in booking a stay at the De Vere House, you're in luck, because there are plenty of dates available. At the time of this writing, most weekends remain unbooked through the month of January, and whole weeks are available to rent beginning in February. A stay at the De Vere House costs $142 per night, making the Harry Potter Airbnb an affordable destination for fans who want to spend some time in Godric's Hollow.

The De Vere House is available to book now on Airbnb.