Team GB's Short Track Speed Skating Stars Are Actually Related IRL

The Treacy brothers will be taking on a number of races in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Team GB's Short Track Speed Skating Stars, Farrell Treacy and Niall Treacy,  Are Actually Related IR...
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With skaters getting up to speeds of over 30mph, the short skating race is considered one of the “most thrilling events” to watch at the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Representing Team GB in the sport, British speed-skating brothers Farrell and Niall Treacy are known to have a friendly competitive rivalry on the ice — so much so, per Team GB, they accidentally crashed into each other during the World Cup in 2021.

Regardless, the young athletes from the West Midlands are aiming for a smoother result when they both compete in the fast and furious 1000m race at the Winter Olympics this February. As the skating duo prepare to lace up their skates to compete on the international stage, here’s everything to know about the British skaters Niall & Farrell Treacy, including their athletic history, social media, and more.

Farrell & Niall Treacy’s Olympic History

Beijing 2022 will be the second Olympic stint for Farrell Treacy, 27, who competed in the games in 2018, whereas, for younger brother Niall, 21, it will be his first time representing Great Britain in the competition.

According to Irish News, Farrell first fell in love with the sport by chance after he missed his school bus home and went along to the Solihull ice rink to watch his friend skate. He was inspired to give it go and younger brothers Niall Tracey and Ethan Tracey soon followed suit, with Niall admitting to Irish News that’s “there’s always a bit of competitiveness” ever since.

The brothers raced against each other during a World Cup event in Japan in October 2021 and spectacularly crashed into each other. It’s safe to say the skaters are hoping for a better result when they take to the start line in Beijing.

Farrell, who studied at De Montfort University in Leicester, is competing in both the 1500m and 1000m races at this year’s Winter Olympics, after recovering from what he describes as “four years of injury chaos.”

“I’ve been recovering from a broken leg and ankle, a twisted knee, damaged ligaments and hip surgery,” he told the University of Leicester in October last year, adding “I don’t want to limit myself though... and I’ve been doing really strong times and competing at a high standard.”

Meanwhile, Niall will take on the 1000m at the Winter Olympics. For Niall, the upcoming event is “13 years” in the making for him personally as well as an “incredible achievement for the whole family.”

“We’re really excited about it. It’s going to be special seeing two Treacys on the start list,” Niall told Team GB. “But the last time we raced together in the ranking final, he wiped me out. So, we’ll see how we go this time!”

Farrell & Niall Treacy’s Instagram

Both brothers have their own verified Instagram pages. You can find Niall Treacy at @niall250 and Farrell at @farrelltreacy. Both skaters share some very cool shots from the ice wearing their Team GB uniforms, and from the looks of their pages have a great relationship off the ice. Upon learning he was joining Team GB, Niall Treacy shared his pride at being selected in an Instagram post. The skater wrote: “A dream that’s 13 years old… I’m going to be an Olympian. Unbelievably proud to announce I’ve been selected to represent Great Britain at Beijing for the Winter Olympics. Thank you to everyone who has made this happen...”

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