21 Dorinda Medley Quotes That Are Useful For Everyday Situations

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

The Real Housewives franchise has produced some very special women, and there is one in particular who continues to shine on every episode — Dorinda Medley. The Real Housewives of New York City star is a true treasure and deserves to end up in the Real Housewives Hall of Fame (which should totally become a thing). Dorinda's amazing quotes are probably the best thing about her, and in fact, many of her lines are useful for everyday situations.

Never has there been a Housewife who has reacted to situations like Dorinda does. Whether she's coining a new catchphrase, stealing a scene for getting heated, stabbing her hand at the dinner table, or telling off Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan for their room-claiming madness, Dorinda has managed to make RHONY even more entertaining thanks to her words.

Out of all of her co-stars, she has the best quotes — and that says a lot, because this group of women is hilarious. However, there is something magical about what Dorinda says. She's like that one friend you always wish you had by your side when you're at a loss for words. Really, Dorinda should teach a class on how to handle everyday situations. Until that actually (and hopefully) happens, here are some of her best quotes for you to memorize when you have no idea how to respond.

1. When No One Is Appreciative

It's hard to please everyone.

2. When You Need Someone To Shut It

The only way to get someone to stop talking.

3. When Someone Asks How You're Doing

Hey, there is nothing wrong with being honest.

4. When You're Honest About Your Friend's Attire

Sometimes when a friend wears a scarf over her face, you just have to say, "She looks like some sort of bad MTV commercial from the '80s, and this time, I don't want my MTV."

5. When Your Roommate Acts As An Alarm

Seriously, go away.

6. When You Accidentally Drink Too Much


7. When You're Trying To Be Positive

Can't we all get along?

8. When The World Keeps Disappointing You

Stop with the hate and start spreading love.

9. When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

Adulting is hard.

10. When You Go Out On A Weeknight

It's all about moderation.

11. When The Holidays Roll Around

Family sometimes can just be too much.

12. When You're So Bloated

It's a monthly ritual.

13. When You Get Stuck Being The Sober Friend

Responsibility isn't fun.

14. When That One Drunk Friend Refuses To Pass Out

It's already been a long night, just go to sleep!

15. When Someone Disagrees With You

For real.

16. When You're Running Late

Sometimes you just have to yell at yourself so you make it on time.

18. When Politicians Infuriate You

She's no Carole Radziwill, but Dorinda understands the feeling, too.

19. When You're Trying To Move Forward

This also makes for the perfect comeback.

20. When You're Absolutely Fed Up

Enough is enough.

21. When You're Over The Drama

Can't everybody get along and play a game of Twister?

Next time you're not sure how to handle a situation, just look to Dorinda.